Yamaha Saluto Fuel Efficient Bike in 2015

Yamaha has always been credited for pioneering the 125cc portion of motorcycles in the Asian two wright market. Though Yamaha never conquer this rattling part in terms of income, its 125cc motorcycles someone e’er been one of the most settled machines in our value-conscious mart.

2015 yamaha saluto - DOC512303

After focussing a lot on the action directed part of 150cc motorcycles, Yamaha has deviated its attending towards the segment of efficient 125cc commuters by actuation the all new Saluto. Dissimilar the old 125cc offerings from Yamaha, the Saluto aims at those customers who prefer carbon efficiency and succour over show and sporty kinetics.

The Yamaha Saluto is positioned in between the YBR 110 and SS125 in Yamaha’s portfolio of motorcycles for India. For the very forward clip, Yamaha has followed a really unimaginative approximate of making ‘no-nonsense’ motorcycles with efflorescence focus on efficiency. With an all new 125cc engine powertrain, will the Saluto reignite the fortunes of Yamaha in the reward commuter portion of 125cc motorcycles? Here’s a elaborate preview of the all new Yamaha Saluto.

Preserve Measure

Yamaha Saluto

Yamaha Saluto
As mentioned before, unlike the otherwise sporty offerings of Yamaha in the 125cc section in the prehistoric, the Yamaha Saluto looks a very ovate and useable ride in damage of pattern. The ride may not postulation to the style-conscious buyers, as the decoration is unimpressive, if not insipid, in profile – something which one may not expect from Yamaha.

At the frontal, the Saluto sports a aggressively styled swimsuit fairing which houses a intense light. The pentagon-shaped aviator lamp positioned above the important headlamp organization gives the Saluto an unmistakable braving, as no different motorcycle has much a layout for its headlamp flock.

The hydrocarbon vessel on the bike looks a bit inspired from that of the Libero G5, which was formerly sold by Yamaha in Bharat few eld corroborate. The fin-shaped provide containerful has a pointy end, and is mounted with graphics and ‘125’ branding on its sprawly forward conception. The unfortunate streak flowing all the way on the mid of the carbon cell instills few assets of zeal in the simplistic organisation of the motorcycle.
The silver-finished choose body cowl inspired from that of the SZ-S gives the take saliency of the Saluto a reward stir. The back opinion body panels of the Saluto, tho’ robust, looking dated for a bike of the inform nowadays. At the straighten, the shadow lamp looks really elemental in flesh, but is humongous and complements fine with the breathe of the ornament of the cycle.

The means console is also one country where it is completely diametric from all the early commuters of Yamaha. Instead of gift it a two-pod organisation, Yamaha has choson for a completely new layout, which has a orderly advertizement meter on the unexhausted take and a two-stage naiant layout for separate info, with the basic avow tale lamps on the berth endorse and gas compute on the berth. The unit looks gracious and diverse in the sea of orthodox two-pod pawn consoles added bikes.


Yamaha Saluto

Yamaha Saluto
This is the facet with which Yamaha has played the large attempt for the Saluto in the 125cc section. Unequal the high-revving and power-oriented 125cc engines of the early 15cc Yamahas, the Saluto has an completely new unique cylinder, air cooled 125cc engine, which aims at delivering advanced fuel efficiency.

The Saluto is also the archetypal 125cc motorcycle from Yamaha to get a 4-speed shell with an all-down dislodge path, unlike the 5-speed one-down-four-up ornamentation of the past 125cc motorcycles from Yamaha.

On cover, this 125cc engine of Saluto doesn’t seem to be in a association with new 125cc motorcycles, as it develops only 8.3PS of land and 10.1Nm of force, which puts it in a league with the 100-110cc motorcycles of the recent nowadays.

However, the summit force of 10.1Nm is generated at a more modify 4500 rpm, which implies that the Saluto has a muscular and often useful mid-range and low end show, making it an excellent metropolis mac.

The Saluto lives up to its hope of extracting a piping carbon effiency figure, which stands at 78 kmpl, making it the most provide economic production bike Yamaha has e’er produced. This is all due to the constituent of ‘Blue Core’ application by Yamaha, which mechanism in enhancing the carbon efficiency and emissions of the bike.

Move AND Management

The Saluto comes with the stereotyped support equipment of hydraulic telescopic forks at the cheat and hydraulic forge springs at the nurture. The suspension is adequately adjusted for fascinating the non-uniform sections of the roads with quality. The 5-spoke impurity wheels develop enwrapped with 80/100 – 18 tubeless tyres offering sufficient rubbing. The bike comes with sound brake on both the wheels, tho’ an optional circle coppice could get been offered by Yamaha.


Donated the coverall system ism and mechanical container of the Saluto, it is positioned in the secondary end of the 125cc ride part. The Saluto is offered in exclusive one variant, which comes with 5-spoke dim alloy wheels and car sign as standard equipment. Usable in two colorise options, Triumph Red and Gamey Smuggled, the Saluto is priced at Rs. 52,000 (Ex-showroom, Delhi).


The Saluto is one bare-basic 125cc motorcycle, whose superior point is only on delivering much kilometers to a litre, but is fortunate with a equal organization. These credentials of the Saluto are dead duplicate by the Inventor Super Splendor.


Hero Motocorp Super Splendor

Hero Motocorp Super Splendor
The Discoverer Super Splendor is one of the oldest motorcycles in the 125cc separate, which equal the Saluto, has a ornament which is not eye-catching, but useful. The azygos cylinder, air cooled, 124.7cc engine on the Caretaker Splendor is reputable enough to pump put 9.12PS of country and 10.35Nm of force.

These figures are almost on par with those of Saluto, but the maximum force on the Saluto is achieved in a overmuch modify rpm, making it a much facile commuter in comparing. Both the motorcycles proceed equally substantially in terms of gross efficiency and engine cultivation.


Yamaha Saluto
With the Saluto, Yamaha has opted for an completely diametrical approach towards the Asiatic motorcycling industry. This quantify, this performance bike concern has definite to change the most out of the reward end of entry-level commuter segment, in which it has tasted a rattling minuscule success in the gone.

The accepted arrangement of the Saluto is more given towards the modify set of chance. So is its 125cc engine, which is not as tingling as Yamaha’s previous 125cc offerings in terms of performance, but is highly render expeditious to accept on the claims of its recognized rivals. For the cost it asks, it is fairly equipped too.

The Saluto is not honorable added new 125cc ride from Yamaha, but is a annoyer of the approaching of Yamaha in the inferior end of Asian bike marketplace. And deed by the prowess of the Saluto, the incoming of the Saluto in this expanse seems blazing.