XMTV Player becoming the favorite Android app amongst the users

There have been times when your kids have asked you for your mobile device so that they can watch some video or movie and at the end messed up the settings of your android device. It has happened many a times and now you are worried every time they touch your phone for watching live streaming of their favorite TV show.

Now you don’t have to worry at all about this because the XMTV player comes with Kids lock, which makes sure that the kids don’t get access to anything else other than viewing their cartoon shows. So, now you can easily entertain your kids without worrying about anything else. This will soon become your favorite app in no time and one of the reasons being the high quality streaming and videos that it makes possible.

One important point about this player is that it doesn’t impart streams or media files on its own, therefore, what you have to do is own the video or the audio files access that you want to watch in a legal way. This way, you won’t be able to hold the player for accessing the media files in a wrong way. There are some plugins that you can make use of, as they come free of cost.


These plugins that you will download has some streams that you can easily watch because they are either public domain or the users have provided them. The users must take the responsibility of the content that they are providing. The XMTV player for android ensures that your privacy is maintained highly and that is the reason you won’t find them collecting any personal information of yours. You can allow the player to access the media files that are already stored in them like the Media files, photos and other files that are there.


Various features that makes it quite popular

When there is no activity in your phone, then it goes to sleep mode automatically, even when you are watching a movie on your device. It can be quite annoying, but with the help of this player you can restrict your device from going to the sleeping mode.

 All you have to do is hold the phone awake and you can easily watch the whole movie without going into the sleep mode. You can also allow the app to receive all kinds of notifications of the shared stream. You can also receive the data from internet and allow the player to enjoy internet access.

One of the things that you have to remember while you watch the streams using internet connection of your mobile device is that how much you are being charged for that by your mobile operator. It might happen that at the end of the day you get a huge bill just for using the mobile data package, instead what you can do is use the Wi-Fi connection, so that you can enjoy the live streaming and also not get billed for that too.