Restaurant Kitchen Supply: In’s and Out’s

When it comes to a restaurant kitchen then one has to set his priorities right because there will be items that are an absolute must and again there will be things which will add the elements of convenience and efficiency into your work. While a deep-fryer, oven, grill, freezer etc. are stuff that every restaurant kitchen needs by its very definition, some might consider a walk-in refrigerator to be a necessity. Therefore, though requirements vary according to its utility, some supplies are integral to every kitchen. This comprehensive article on restaurant kitchen supplies aims at ensuring that the aspiring restaurateurs get a fair idea about what setting up a decent environment for excellent food preparation requires.

Cutlery and Knives:

Your cutlery requirements will vary according to the products you are selling and hence the specific techniques you will need to engage in. However, given there will be a range of cutlery you will get to choose from, some of the broad headings to consider are cleavers, seafood knives, paring knives, chef’s knives, butcher knives, boning knives, utility knives etc.

Plates and Bowls:

This is crucial for the sense of aesthetic it should embody. Not only is it important that your dishes get the perfect presentation, it should also enhance the beauty of your restaurant, adding up to a virtual treat for your customers. The different items that you should consider in this category vary from a range of salad plates to entrée, appetizer and dessert plates, pasta bowls etc.

Miscellaneous Necessities:

Though we have comfortably asserted that apart from certain basic items that are common to even a non-restaurant kitchen, supplies for a restaurant kitchen will differ according to individual requirements based on their product orientation, there are certain items that are integral part of any self-sufficient kitchen, especially the ones affiliated with restaurant services.

  1. Pizza Paddle – It is unlikely that one will overlook this important item if the restaurant serves pizzas but in case the restaurant does not specialize on pizza or offer it as an appetizer then it is easier to overlook the utility of this device. The pizza paddle does more than serve the purpose of making pizza, as it will be useful for any flatbread dish.
  2. Saute and Sauce Pans – Saute and sauce pans will help you come up with the fine sauce that is essential to leave an impression on the minds of your customer which gets them talking. The flavor that it will add to your dish makes it imperative that you are well-equipped with different kinds of pans suitable for different purposes.
  3. Soup or Stock Pots – Some customers swear by soups as starter and some never finish a meal without a hearty bowl of stock. Hence, excellent varieties of it will keep them coming back to you for more.
  4. Tongs, Spatulas and Ladles – This category might seem obvious but yet they are easy to overlook. And any kitchen without a decent supply of this necessity can make even simple task difficult and more time-consuming.
  5. Sanitizer Dispensers or Hand Soap, Cleaning Cloths and Floor Mats – There are no two ways about it, if it is a kitchen, you need them and when it is a restaurant, it helps to be a little creative with the décor of your restaurant. Because you want to serve your customers only the best of all kinds, cleanliness must be your priority and these items will help you achieve just that, keeping various health code violations in check.