What’s a Blog? I Am Glad You Asked

“What is a blog?” is the type of question that can start conversations that will go on for hours. The reason for this is that the answer to the question is not a straightforward technical answer. Sure there is a technical answer which says that a blog is simply a website but that is far from being the answer that you will get from most people.

A blog is a website but it is wrapped in software that enables the average user to be able to create, update and customize this website very easily and without any previous programming experience. So most people feel that the answer to what is blog is that it is freedom. It frees people up from the technical requirements of a website and allows them to create an outlet for their ideas, for their dreams, for their knowledge and for their hopes.

Once a person learns how to blog they are very likely to develop a strong desire to comment on their blogs on a regular basis. They may feel the need to constantly add new information to an idea that they’ve been having or they may decide that they want to keep a journal of their daily activities in regards to the particular subject that they are focusing on. People use blogs for many different purposes some people will use them as a teaching tool for others. Some people use them as a way to find support for their political cause or their social agenda. Still others view blogs as a way to make some income, if they write enough content they are bound to get enough people to visit their blogs that they can monetize the blog somehow and make money.

Many of the things that people do today using blogs simply were not possible just a few years ago without extensive training on how to code HTML or code PHP and all the different factors that went into creating a website. Blogs changed all that. A few years ago people were constantly asking what is blog, what is a blog, what is blogging, or how do you set up a blog. Today those questions are answered in so many different ways that you can ask that question of 100 people and probably get 100 different answers.