Using an iPad for Business – Seven Tips to Help You Increase Your Productivity and Sales Success

1. The Keynote application is a WOW! You can create your presentation on your Mac or iPad. It is easy to use and not intimidating to you or your customers. There is no long learning curve to get started. You can quickly create engaging presentations with embedded photos and videos using the iPad camera or you can add music with the Apple GarageBand application. Fascinate your clients with animations. No major setup process, no need for projection equipment, just flip open the iPad and click on Keynote. Your presentations can be stored there or in the iCloud. Customers really like the presentation as they are as easy to view as brochure yet much more appealing. iPad easily fits in your hand. Navigation is easy. You can just use your finger or a stylus pen to move forward or back. I have found that I can quickly engage a customer and move my sales forward using this application. I am now importing my PowerPoint presentations into Keynote and adding creative options for greater impact.
2. You can add iDesk to easily create or show a workflow or organization chart. I also use it to create a quick sketch of a layout for an event or exhibition area. It helps me envision how things would look when arranged as I had planned. It can also help customer visualize where a product fits or how it would work in their company, including the departments affected. I also use it to quickly sketch an organization chart as a customer is talking about their company structure.
3. You can engage customers in webinar, replay a video or webinar, or search for product information on a company web site using the Safari application. As Steve Jobs said, “it is the fastest browser on Windows.” It streaked past Internet Explorer in the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in October 2007 and continues to deliver on speed. I love being able to give customers a quick response or show a vendor’s product to a customer for whom I am planning an event.
4. Check out the free application called Notes to take notes during a meeting and then email them to all of the attendees at the conclusion. That streamlines the process! This application saves me time and my customers love having the notes in an instant.
5. You can also create documents including letters using an application called Pages. It is easier than MS Word and sends the document as PDF or MS Word as well as Apple pages format when you complete it. Sales reps can quickly send follow up thank you letters from their car after a sales call. That’s productivity. I recently used it for my notes as I taped an interview for an internal training video.
6. There are several software packages to maintain your contact list and enable you to check notes on your last visit before making a call. Later, you can use the Maps application to locate nearby customers for efficient territory management. Some companies have created their own software to assist reps in prospecting. For one of my clients, the business case for the creation of a prospecting assistant has been extremely positive. The sales reps love it and have increased their sales using it.
7. A major manufacturing company uses proprietary software to record customer requirements during the sale and then search for marketing programs and promotional deals on the spot. This process has increased speed, efficiency, accuracy and sales results.
I suggest you give it a try. I am sure you will agree with me that there are many ways it can improve your productivity and increase your sales success.