Two Elements of Influence when Choosing an Antivirus Suite

It can be very difficult to choose which virus protection to go with. This is because it is a competitive market, and each manufacturer will say they use the most up to date technology. The reality is that all antivirus programs have experience in battling cyber warfare on a daily basis. When it comes to choosing the best antivirus technology for your needs, however, you may feel quite overwhelmed with all the choices that are out there. Let’s take a look at two elements that you must be realistic about when it comes to choosing the one that is right for you.

Security Is So Boring

Let’s be honest, you want to get behind your machine and use it, browsing the internet for interesting pieces of information and conversing with friends through social media. You don’t want to spend hours fiddling with your security software. To make matters worse, a lot of antivirus programs will slow your machine down, which means you can enjoy the fun things even less than normal. Security is just not something that we are interested in. Consider, for instance, that the Symantec Facebook page has just 78,000 likes, whereas the television series Lost has close to 10 million. When you add to this that there is no guarantee in the world of internet security, you may simply feel like not bothering at all. That would be a mistake, however, as you absolutely do need to secure your machine.

An Endless Race

A second element that you have to be realistic about is that antivirus protection is a race with no end. It is a cat and mouse game between malware developers and antivirus programmers. In fact, they are both one and the same entity, with people being headhunted for their skills in creating malware by those who try to fight it (the opposite is less common). Most antivirus programmers were, or are, hackers in other online communities, so they are, in a sense, continuing the ability of viruses to actually exist.

In all facets of life, we are told that it is vital that we are proactive. We must preempt any attack and have protection in place in case something goes wrong. But at the same time, virus scanners cannot anticipate what a hacker’s next move will be, which means they are mainly reactive in their nature, updating regularly in response to a foiled attempt by someone to break into the system. And sometimes, those attempts aren’t foiled but rather shut down entire networks of machines all over the world.

Again, taking that into consideration, you may feel like there is no point in having antivirus software on your machine. Again, you would be wrong. Yes, virus scanners are mainly reactive in nature, but they are incredibly good at what they do and will reduce your chances of being victimized tremendously. Spend just a few minutes online with your virus scanner off, and you will instantly be red flagged and come under attack, after all.