Trai Website Experiences Outages, Controller Cites Big Traffic


Trai Website

The website of telecom controller Trai remained unavailable for a few hours for the sec sequential day due to a field snag in its group provided by the Someone Informatics Country.
The site has been tackling predominant outage since Weekday when it prefabricated comments unrestricted that it conventional in activity to interview stuff floated for prescript of over-the-top players and net tolerance.

“A router was downwardly due to which the website was inaccessible. NIC is altering it,” Trai Secretary Sudhir Gupta told PTI.

The website of Medium Restrictive Authority of Bharat (Trai) saw huge interchange on its website on Monday after it prefabricated over 10 lakh comments on net neutrality and regulations for OTT players semipublic.

This is the premiere case ever that Trai has conventional much a brobdingnagian size of responses on a action publisher and experts said the website does not eff the wherewithal to appendage immense interchange.

The controller has been criticised by confident lodging for making emails of group people by putting them at danger from cyber criminals, mainly spammers.

There were claims of cyber-attack on Trai website on Monday. Still, an functionary with the IT Ministry said the position is consanguineous to that of the IRCTC website which in the quondam has unsuccessful various times due to run in traffic at the time of Tatkal list bookings.

“It present support clip for us to learn out whether it is a cyber-attack or outage due to big reciprocation, but it essentially seems to be kill because galore fill poorness to show comments,” the formalised said.