Top 5 Nintendo Characters That Should Have Their Own Game

Image result for Top 5 Nintendo Characters That Should Have Their Own GameRegardless of the fact that you grew up with Nintendo or you’ve just heard about the best characters ever from your parents, you just can’t ignore the culture it created! Nintendo is one of the most popular gaming consoles ever released on the market and it featured some wonderful characters that still make rumors in a world with HD character and quite a load of powerful graphics.

The cool thing is that, besides the well-known characters (Mario, Link, or even Luigi), there are some less-known characters that stuck with so many of us. These usually have secondary roles in other character’s game but we think it’s time to do them justice and give them their own games. So, we selected five of these less known but cool characters, which we’d like to see in a game about their own adventure.


Yes, we know he’s the bad guy who steals Princess Peach and fights Mario to keep the happy couple apart, but did anybody wonder why he does what he does? Maybe he’s lonely and would love to have a princess as a companion or maybe someone else is making him do all these awful stuff.

We like to imagine Bowser as a powerful clan leader, with strong armies of little turtles slowly taking over the galaxy. So maybe someday we can see Bowser driving a spaceship and flying from star to start, searching for his own princess (one the comes in voluntarily).

Dry Bones

Yet another villain from the Mario universe, Dry Bones are actually kind of cute when you take a closer look. Have you ever tried to imagine it with flesh? While they would probably just like a standard Koopa Troopa, we like to imagine them somehow different. But, in the just bones version, they would make a fantastic impression in a horror game series like Five Nights at Freddy’s where maybe they would guard the tomb of an undead mummy.


Only the fact that he has a bit of the human race built within him, makes us want to learn more about the story of the main antagonist in the Legend of Zelda game series. Not to mention that he really looks badass!

We can see him in an RPG series, with mystical quests to solve and fantastic beasts to defeat. It may be a narrative of how he came to be a demon in human form and why he is the ultimate bad guy in so many of the Zelda chapters.


We all know Princess Peach, but who remembers Rosalina? Well, it’s a bit difficult to remember her since she first stars as an NPC in Super Mario Galaxy where she is some sort of a Cosmos guardian without any interesting powers. She actually needs Mario’s help to regain her job, but plays a role in defeating Bowser at the end.

She makes other appearances in the Mario Kart series but we’d love to see a story of her own. She would go great in a fairytale story, but we can also see her in a warrior princess kind of series. Rosalina may look cute and fragile on the outside, but she may as well be a badass on the inside.


He can as well be the king of mischief in the Mario universe and we love him for that! Waluigi is Luigi’s main enemy but his personality is the one that makes the character so interesting. Just like another god of mischief, he will only look to create mayhem and challenge the lives of the characters surrounding him.

So, who wouldn’t want to play a game featuring him? We know we would! After all, we’re kind of fed up with running to save princesses and making sure the world is a better place. Let’s see what happens in a series where we’re allowed to be bad! Slope type of game is a perfect fit for this character.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the most interesting characters in the Nintendo universe are the ones depicted as antagonists, which can be a bit of wrecking for your childhood. However, if you think about it you’ll see we’re right and you may even join us in supporting these characters right to a better representation in the game series!