Top 5 lightweight smart phones in recent times

In this era of super slim lightweight phones and tablets, manufacturers are slowly turning from more to less. The bulky smart phone has been replaced with more new sleeker varieties which are both easy to use and carry. The recent launches of smart phones are characterised by its sleek design and minimalistic weight. Manufactures are developing new strategic ways to squeeze every single bit of electronic chips and hardware in to the slimmest design possible. Consumers love the look which is extremely thin and sleek and is easy to carry around in a pocket.

In recent times when manufacturers are competing with one another to produce the sleekest and thinnest phone yet made, we have seen declarations from many brands claiming their product is the thinnest and sleekest.  The battle for the thinnest phone ever made has got more intense with manufactures developing models as thin as 5.1 mm. Slim is the new statement when it comes to smart phones and there are a lot of brands and products keeping up the customers’ expectations.

Some of the recent advances in models when it comes to sleekness are discussed below. These models broke the conventional barrier of smart phones and brought a new revolution in terms of designing the model.

Vivo X5 MAX

This smart phone from Vivo, a Chinese manufacturer has a width of 4.75mm. Vivo offers a full range from entry to mid level smart phones.  The X5 MAX is one of its flagship products and has an extremely thin frame. It has a 5.5 inch full HD Super Amoled screen. This phone weighs 157 grams and is renowned for its octa core processor and long lasting battery life.

Sony Experia Z5 COMPACT

The sony experia Z5 compact weighs around 138 grams and has a 4.5 inch display and is powered a 2Ghz processor. It comes preloaded with Android Lolipop. The body has a frosty glass feel and is dust and water resistance certified. It has a rear camera of 23 mega pixels and a front camera of 5 mega pixels.


This Samsung galaxy smart phone weighs 138 grams and is surrounded by a metal frame. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and has a 2.1 GHz processor which is the fastest in some of the smart phones around in the market. The back camera is 16 mega pixels and the front camera is 5 mega pixels.


The LG G4 C weighs 138 grams and has a 5 inch display powered by android lollipop. The front camera is 5 mega pixels and the back camera is 8 mega pixels.


The Nexus 5s weighs 135 grams and has a 5.2 inch display. It even has the new android OS Marshmallow and has a back camera of 12.3 mega pixels and a front camera of 5 mega pixels. This flagship phone from Google has been immensely popular amongst consumers and other variants are being released.  It also has an USB type C cable and with just 10 minutes of charge, the phone can run for 3.8 hours.