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Are you interested in trading and investment but not sure where to start with? Manage all your investments with just one power packed mobile application – 5Paisa. Paying huge brokerage fees is extremely difficult for most people and commissions always hurt the investors, which also indirectly impacts their investment plans. 5Paisa has come up with a simple flat rate of 10 INR per order irrespective of the segment where you want to invest.

Mutual Funds – Instant and Free

Tired of paying huge transaction fees and brokerage commissions? 5Paisa is a right platform where you can get your demat account opened without any papers. 5Paisa offers paper less process by which you can open account with zero transaction fees and papers. All you need to have is Aadhar card and you can start your monthly investment plans. There are not may share market apps that provide paper less option but 5Paisa is a versatile mobile trading and investment platform with the best online trading app that is also available 24/7 and supported by the application owners through call and email.

Online Trading Option

Get paperless and immediate account option in 5Paisa with no value based brokerage along with 90% savings. One can trade using web based platforms or choose mobile application. There are various segments and options to invest like trading in equity, F&O and currency segments.

Compare and Buy Insurance Online

5Paisa offers easier buying option and saving big on premium. One can compare various available prices and plans with term and health insurance. It is the best market place to available insurance by comparing different options. The 5Paisa systems are integrated with e-KYC option and Aadhar systems so if you have Aadhar card then you can easily open a paperless account easily in no-time.

Robo Advisory with Smart Investment Plan

Share market and stock market are always confusing to understand and expect. 5Paisa offers research and advisory option which will help you in every decision making. A smart automated advisor will perform detailed market research and offers the right kind of investment plan tailor made for your portfolio. It also monitors and keeps a constant track over your investments and helps you attain your financial goals.

Easy User-Friendly Interface

5Paisa offers a simple and easy to use interface for investors and traders. There are so many easy screening tools that help you invest in top mutual funds and other trading options. You can also take assistance from auto investor feature that can help you build a customized portfolio. Multi asset live watch is listed and synced across all the devices that you are using. You can download and install 5Paisa easily both iOS and Android devices easily. The application also offers customer so for any complaints or queries, you can reach out to +9189766 89766 or send an email to

Cutting-Edge Features

5Paisa offers the low cost mobile stock trading option and one of the biggest discount brokers anywhere in the online share market trading. It delivers real time quotes for all kinds of financial segments including stocks, derivative currencies and provides live share market data in the application. It has some of the most advanced charting tools with fast recommendations from experts that will help users to make quick decisions.

Secure Transactions

5Paisa provides completely secure financial investments (Currencies listed in NSE and BSE, Derivatives and Equities), offers investment in customized portfolios of Mutual funds. All the user transactions are also further encrypted with highly secure 256-bit encryption mechanism and you can make do concurrent transactions in most secured manner.

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