The 5 Best New Apps You Should Use

Smartphones have been our constant partners and have been replacing all other gadgets we used to carry around in the past. What is a smartphone without apps? So, we have listed out the best new apps that you can install on your smartphones.

The year 2017 was a great one for the development of the apps worth its salt. Right from the startups to the established players, everyone has had its own share of new apps that made headways. There were several apps spreading across different genres that included Augmented Reality, virtual assistants, sports betting apps and worthy updates.

Google Assistant

The app lets you Talk To Google. Google Assistant has risen to fame and has become as popular as Siri on iOS and Cortana for Android. The app is available both on Android and iOS. The app has been integrated with smart home appliances as well. It syncs well with all Google apps.


The latest version – the version 57 – is the latest one and has been considered to be one of the substantial upgrades till date. The browser works on Quantum engine and does away the regular slowdowns that were observed in the earlier versions of Firefox. It can be a great alternative to the Google’s own Chrome browser.


If you are someone interested in news, Nuzzel is the best option for you. Nuzzel sources its news headlines from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The app has been around since quite long. However, the year 2017 saw the Nuzzel adding a section for videos in its main app. The app has been around since 2014 and has remained popular even today. You can get it on iOS and Android.


Looking for a photo editor worth its salt? VSCO has been a popular option from that perspective. The photo filters available on VSCO editor are at par with the high end photography cameras and their effects. The video editor is capable of finer adjustments to the photos and videos. You also have access to several pre-set filters. But, please note that the app is not free. You can get it both on Android and iOS.

YouTube TV

Here is another app worth the attempt. It may not be the first streaming app available on Android and iOS. But it does come with special features that would make one of the most polished and streamlined smartphone apps. Live channels, recordings and sports are some of the genres that would make it a good option in its own right. The service does come with a price tag, but we would consider it a good alternative to your cable.

The Parting Thoughts

That would conclude our list of the five best new apps that should give a try. Not that this list is exhaustive either. We have chosen the five best options and made it a point to include apps from various genres so that the listing would be helpful for everyone who is looking for apps with different backgrounds.

Do checkout the apps and do let us know if you would expect us to add any better options here.