The 5 Best Beach Destinations in Italy

Italy is surrounded by sea water on most parts of its country. It has coastlines along the Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Ligurian Sea. Many of its beaches are backed by a picturesque landscape like cliffs and wild flowers. The following is a list of the 5 best beach destinations in Italy.

1. Spiaggia di Cavoli

Spiaggia di Cavoli is a small but crowded yellow sand beach that has blue ocean water in Seccheto, Italy. The beach is suitable for children as it is sheltered from wind and does not have choppy water. There is a large rock where you can jump and dive into the water. There are amenities like spacious car park, umbrella, deck chair, toilets, shower room, and wardrobe. There are also vendors selling ice cream, and beverages. Nearby, you will find shops that sell beach accessories. Snorkelers should wear swimming shoes. During snorkeling, you will get to see many big fishes.

2. Spaggia dela Biodola

Spaggia dela Biodola is a 600m long beautiful golden sandy beach with turquoise sea in Portoferraio, on the Island of Elba in Italy. It has shallow water that allows parents to easily wade far away from the shore with the children. You can hire pedal operated boat to explore the water. Sunbeds and umbrella can be rented from private bathing establishment. Some of the activities that you can carry out are water skiing and surfing. If you come by car, you should come before 10 am otherwise you will have to park far away from the beach. Get more details on vacation spots from

3. Lama Monachile

Lama Monachile, also known as Cala Porto, is a small pebble beach situated in between the cliff and city. Lama Monachile is one of the most photographed beach. You can take your selfies on this picturesque beach. It is a great beach for people who like to stroll along the rocks. The beach is not for sitting as the entire seashore is covered with rough rocks. You can jump from different levels of cliff into the water. If you want to wade in the water, make sure you wear waterproof shoes as there are rocks below the water.

4. Togo Bay Beach

Togo Bay Beach is a Ibiza style sandy beach that is lined with lounge chairs in Porto Cesareo, Italy. The beach is located in front of a beach club. The services provided by the beach club is expensive but worthwhile. They offer various amenities including fresh food, table with lockers, showers with warm water, bathroom with soap, sunbeds, umbrella, water, and DJs on Sunday afternoons. There are palm trees where you can take a shade during a hot day at the beach.

5. Baia dei Turchi

Baia dei Turchi is a white sandy beach situated among the cliffs in Otranto, Italy. Baia dei Turchi is said to be the landing place of the Turks who are on their way to kill the inhabitants of Otranto in the 15th century. There are a lot of scented Mediterranean shrubs around the area. You can park your car at the car park or along the road. There is a cafe nearby that sell paninis. There are lifeguards watching over everyone at the beach. It is possible to reach Baia dei Turchi beach by taking a shuttle bus that stop along the coast. The beach is also reachable by walking through a pine forest.