Summer & Pregnancy

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Its summer time! This could be a difficult period for a pregnant women who is already coping up with mood swings and morning sickness. It could be difficult to walk even with the heavy dumb during the pregnancy period. We will discuss some of these things which you can try out to cope up with summer.

The first and the foremost thing is to keep your home cool. Keep the curtains down to prevent sunlight form directly entering the room and heating it up. Water clean the room once day. This will help in absorbing heat. West facing rooms are said to be cooler than other ones. So trying moving your bedroom to a cooler place for a good night’s sleep. Also water the roof of the house or use clothes to cover the roof. These will protect heat entering into the room from the roof.

Take frequent head baths. It is a good way to cool you down. But frequent head baths can increase your work. Avoid tight clothes, wear losing fitting cotton wears. Polyester, blended & synthetic fibres increases the heat by absorbing it, hence avoid the same. Applying rose water on your face gives a cooling sensation along with a pleasant smell. Cool your feel by placing it inside a tub of cool water. You can also add a handle full of marbles into the tub for a foot spa kind of effect. You also try applying henna on your hair which has the property of releasing heat from the body.

But when you are outside, it is very difficult to keep yourself at ease. Umbrella is a must. Keep yourself under the shade whenever possible. If you are someone who loves to take daily strolls, then the best time for you is early morning and late in the evening. You will get your fresh share of oxygen and also can keep yourself from heat. If you are a working mum, then we advise to you plan to start your day early and finish it early. Unplanned work can lead to irritation while you are already undergoing mood swings. Consult with your gynaecologist in Gurgaon or any other city you belong to if the body heat keep increasing.

Foods can keep you hydrate and stay cool. Eat plenty of water melon and coconut water. These are the super foods when it comes to keeping us cool. Avoid spicy and street foods for a while. These can play havoc on your health. There are lot of maternity hospitals which are now providing guidance and counselling for women during pregnancy. I happened to visit one of a maternity hospital in Gurgaon and there was mommy programme which helped to cope up with a lot of things.