Stardew Valley to Get Android Set to Release on March 14

Stardew Valley for Android Set to Release on March 14

The highly recommended farming simulation game Stardew Valley finally has a release date of March 14 on Android.

This comes five weeks after its launch on iOS and three years following its first release on PC. It is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, which means that you may be notified when the game is eventually released. The price of this game in the united states is allegedly $8, which extends to roughly Rs. 570. We can anticipate a similar cost to the Indian Google Play Store too.

Stardew Valley takes a page from the popular farming simulation franchise’Harvest Moon’, in which you escape from the city life to inherit a dilapidated farm. From there it is fairly open ended with everything you want to do with your time. You’re able to grow crops, raise livestock, mine for ores, or even construct a dynamic social life.

The game was initially launched on Windows, but has been ported to other OS’ and all current generation of gaming consoles including PS4, Xbox One and very especially about the Nintendo Switch, in which it quickly became the preferred platform to play Stardew Valley. Its last release was on iOS late last year. Stardew Valley also obtained a brand new multiplayer feature, but that has not been added to the cellular platforms just yet.

On mobile however there have been developments of other new features including save anywhere, zoom and pinch, in addition to a virtual joystick.

Engadget has reported that the game will be priced at $8 when it starts on Android on March 14.