Spotify Premium begins at Rs. 119 a month, if you are interested

Spotify Now Available in India, Apps Show Up on App Store, Google Play

The app is free to download, of course, make it Android, iPhone, or Windows 10. Spotify can also be giving Indian customers an elongated taste of its offering, as lots of the international restrictions on the free tier — limited song skips and no individual song selection — don’t seem to use in India for today, even though that may change.

There is one major difference between the Spotify program on Android and iOS at the moment. You can not register for the subscription-based offering Spotify Premium on Apple or Windows apparatus, but you are still free to play whatever music you please. (Spotify, just like Netflix, does not offer premium subscriptions through the App Store to avoid paying Apple a cut of the fee.) As soon as you login, Spotify will ask you to pick music you prefer, in order to better recommend other things based on its own algorithms.

At the time of writing, getting a Spotify Premium subscription seems to be functioning on the Android app, even though it occasionally reveals an error stating”Spotify is now unavailable in your country”. To eliminate the mistake, tap Access Premium in Spotify, then tap on the profile on top and select Attempt Premium Free.

Spotify has its own navigate section — known as”Search” because the program refresh in April last season — to suit Indian tastes, together with segments like Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu music upfront alongside genres and collections like pop, love, celebration, hip-hop, R&B, K-pop, reggae, workout, chill, focus, sleeping, summer, dinner, and jazz, gaming, soul, classical, latin, metal, kids, blues, funk, punk, travel, comedy, country, and folk & acoustic among others. Spotify additionally provides access to podcasts.

Music you enjoy — with the center icon — will show up in’Your Library’ on the Spotify program, wherein you are able to sort stuff by playlists, artists, albums, and podcasts. You can create your own playlists, needless to say, and Spotify will urge songs to add to your playlist by the name you pick.

Earlier on Tuesday, we reported that costs for Spotify Premium had been revealed. Along with the Rs. 119 a month plan, which puts it almost on par with Apple Music, you can even purchase one afternoon, seven days, and one, five and six months of Spotify for Rs. 13, Rs. 39, Rs. 129, Rs. 389, and Rs. 719, respectively. And if you like, you can pay for a complete year of Spotify upfront, for Rs. 1,189.

There is even a half-off Spotify student membership. Sadly however, there does not appear to be a Spotify Family subscription available at this moment.