Craft Visually Appealing Presentations in Minutes with Presentation Templates

Creating an effective PowerPoint presentation can be a cumbersome task for the majority. For those who do not have high-level of designer skills, there are affordable presentation resources that can help to save a lot of valuable time when creating presentations. is one of the top leading providers for professional PowerPoint templates. The site was founded in 2013 and quickly become one of the leaders in the market. With an immense catalog of high-quality & professional PowerPoint templates, SlideModel supplies individuals and companies with all sort of PowerPoint graphics & templates to help presenters crafting the presentations they need.

Instead of using the default templates provided by Microsoft Office, users of can download templates from the catalog and use Copy & Paste to use the templates in their own presentations. The high-level of editability and flexibility offered in the templates that are provided by, makes this service to be like a Swiss-army knife for any serious presenter.

The catalog of presentation templates available in is very robust and compelling. They offer shapes, editable maps for PowerPoint, slide layouts, diagrams and all kind of graphics that suits well for a wide range of presentation purposes and needs. For instance, a business presentation can combine slides from a SWOT Analysis template to help making business slide deck to present the a SWOT analysis result to an audience.


The site offers  a subscription-based service, where the presenter can subscribe to any of the available plans and start downloading the content needed for the presentation.

The designs are 100% editable as were created with PowerPoint shapes (it is the vectorized object in PowerPoint).

Why using

Presenters needing professional PowerPoint templates can use to get access to one of the largest databases of PowerPoint templates for business presentations.

Furthermore, SlideModel has a top-notch customer support that has been awarded a 5-Star Excellence Award by ShopperApproved.

Here are some of the key features available in

  • A huge catalog of presentation templates. Over 10,000 graphics for download.
  • Compatible with major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint as well as other popular presentation tools such as Google Slides, Keynote and OpenOffice.
  • PowerPoint templates are 100% editable with shapes. It is very easy to change colors, shape properties and styles with a few clicks.
  • A top-notch customer service.
  • Fresh and constantly growing catalog. New designs are being added every week.

For those who do not have the expertise in presentation design, creating a visually-rich presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint might be a tough task. PowerPoint templates can help to cross this barrier and the templates provided by are prepared with flexibility in mind, so any individual with basic skills in PowerPoint can manipulate the graphics and combine them to craft their presentations in record time.

Thousands of PowerPoint Graphics and 100% Editable

The slide designs are 100% editable, so can be adapted or slides can be customized to the presentation requirements. Finding the appropriate template is a matter of a few clicks using the search functionality provided by SlideModel.

Also, each template is organized under categories and tags, so it is very easy to locate the designer templates in the catalog.

The vast catalog of presentation templates available in SlideModel contains thousands of high-quality graphics that can be used in any presentation, for personal or business purposes.

The catalog includes visually-rich diagrams for popular business topics and purposes. If we need to craft a business plan presentation then we can use some of the rich PowerPoint timeline designs or roadmap illustrations to visually describe the project roadmap to the audience. Aside from helping to create visually-rich presentations, this is a huge step forward in fighting death by PowerPoint.

Final Words


SlideModel can help to create a superb PowerPoint presentation for professional or personal purposes.

Making stunning presentations in PowerPoint in minutes is possible by combining the slides available in Using their service, the presenter can save a lot of valuable time. The resource contains one of the biggest catalogs of PowerPoint templates with a huge gallery including designs, diagrams and slides representing popular business models for business presentations.

All the graphics are created with built-in PowerPoint shapes, this ensures the slides can be edited very easy in PowerPoint and adapted to the presentation requirements.

Moreover, the templates are fully compatible with major versions of PowerPoint but also with other presentation tools such as Google Slides, Keynote and OpenOffice.

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