Slack Says It Has 10 Million Daily Active Users

Slack Says It Has 10 Million Daily Active Users

Slack, the Company messaging Support challenging email, Today has over 10 million daily active Customers, its parent company said on Tuesday.

The number of paying customers utilizing Slack has climbed by more than 50 percent over the previous five decades to over 85,000, Slack Technologies said in a blog article .

Slack, launched in 2013, enables teams and companies to communicate through classes and has quickly substituted email at many companies, although email remains the dominant medium of communication in workplaces.

Microsoft has not disclosed daily user figures for exemptions but reports imply about 329,000 organizations use the service.

Reuters reported this month that Slack had been”seriously” considering making its stock market debut through an immediate listing.

Earlier this month, Slack declared its chief product officer, April Underwood, was leaving the messaging startup, in a time when the business is researching a public record later this season.

Underwood is leaving to spend more time working in #Angels, an investment group she co-founded three months before joining Slack in 2015, based on her blog post.

She’ll be replaced by Google executive Tamar Yehoshua, Slack, which provides direct and chat messaging services for businesses.

Reuters reported earlier this month that Slack is”seriously” considering making its stock market introduction through an immediate listing, a plan that will make it the second big tech company following Spotify to bypass a traditional IPO process in moving people.