Skin care routine made effortless

Let me make skin care routine real simple for you ladies. Are you lately experiencing dull skin, ageing and acne breakouts? Are you taking your skin care routine lightly? If you respond to both the questions in affirmative, you have come to the right place. Fear not for this article addresses the issue at hand and I am here to help you. Excited? Do not stop reading!

1. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face each and every morning

You should know which cleanser will essentially do your good. People with dry skin will be benefitted if they use some non-lathering facial cleanser. On the other hand, if it is your oily skin that troubles you – go for a gentle foaming wash. Acne-fighting cleanser works best when yours is a sensitive skin.

2. Apply toner

Contrary to popular belief, all facial cleansers do not help you get rid of every trace of dirt and oil. So what are you supposed to do in that case? Make use of a toner. It is usually applied using cotton. As you dab the cotton, you will come to terms with all the dirt and residue that has been left behind by the facial wash. In addition to this, a toner effectively shrinks your pores. As a result, you can now bid goodbye to acne and pimple. However, it is imperative to mention here that you should always remember to opt for an alcohol-free toner.

3. Apply moisturizer

You skin calls for moisturizing. I cannot stress the importance the sunscreen more if you are in the habit of going outdoors during the day. You can choose any BB or CC cream. Such creams, for the most part, aim at being a sunscreen with SPF. Further, they will act as serum, moisturizer, foundation as well as primer. Now can you say NO to them? Possibly not.

4. Use either facial wipes or facial cleansing sprays

Facial wipes and facial cleansing sprays are always a good choice for your skin (which may be oily or dry or combination). Oil and sweat can play havoc with your skin especially if you are spending a large amount of your time under the sun. This can happen when you are working in the field. In order to counter the damage that your skin undergoes, do not forget to carry a bottle of sunscreen in your bag. Re-applying in a couple of hours does the trick.

5. Use rose water

After you have washed your face with cleanser and toner, you can spray some rose water as well. It will refresh you in a moment’s notice. So that perspiring, greasy and weary face will no longer be yours.

6. Use night cream

A night cream or an eye cream must ideally be used when you have cleaned your face (using a mild cleanser or baby wipes) about an hour prior to sleeping. Tenderly massage the cream to your face. Night creams are a reservoir of antioxidants and other anti-ageing ingredients. Last but never the least, have your share of a good night’s sleep!

You can exfoliate your skin twice a week and get a brighter skin tone. Face masks too are of great help. Drink plenty of water, avoid junk food, prefer food with antioxidants and nutrients, drink warm water and lemon juice, use avocado in face pack and apply lip balms when working in an air-conditioned room!