Shrug up your skirt

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Shrugs are in. They are a fashion rage right now that has overtaken everything from formal wear to party wear and everything in between. Shrugs for women online offer a vast variety of options that can go with all kinds of clothes. As a generic rule, a shrug is slightly loose or large or roomy or flared. Most people wear shrugs with clothing that is body fitting. This enhances the individual look of the clothing with and without the shrug. Furthermore, snug clothing allows the shrug to be highlighted. So the most common choice of clothing with shrugs is comfortably tight jeans and tops. But, nothing stops you from experimenting a bit with set notions in fashion, does it!?

If you are the experimental types, then this post is just for you because this post is all about pairing up shrugs with skirts – short skirts, bubble skirts, a line skirts and long skirts online can all be paired u with a shrug. You just have to find the right combination of skirt and shrug to pep up your style.

I love skirts for the way they flow across the female form. There is a certain grace that a skirt brings that is not matched by any other garment. Likewise, even a shrug in most cases is a flowy garment. So by principle combining two flowy garments may not be flattering to your figure. At least, this is the most common notion about the two. Here are a few tips to flaunt your skirts with the most appropriate shrugs:-

Short length shrugs

Short length shrugs go amazingly well with all kinds of skirts. You can pair them up with short skirts, bubble skirts, asymmetrical skirts or last-minute purchase of long skirts online. It is important to keep the short skirts close to the body. They should be the length of crop tops with close cut collar and sleeves. This will enhance the look of the wearer and the skirt both. It is a good idea to keep the top of the skirt and the short shrug from the same color family.

Long length shrugs

There is an amazing variety of long shrugs available in the shrugs for women online section of most retailers as they are favored by many. Long shrugs create a very magical look. The way they can flow with the wind adds to the look and the wow factor. Long length shrugs can be paired up with short and body-hugging skirts. It is best to wear a contrasting kind of long shrug to bring out the style element. A classic combination is a solid color top and skirt with a contrasting patterned or printed long shrug.

There are other kinds of shrugs like the lacy ones or the boxy ones and even the uneven boho style shrugs. They can all be teamed up with different kinds of skirts. The bottom line is to let the shrug and skirt complement each other to bring out the best of the two.