Sesame street remains one of the most popular television programs, but what are some life lessons you can learn from it?

Big Bird, Elmo, Kermit and the gang are full of wisdom, even more than you may realize. You may perceive Sesame Street as a children’s program that is entertaining, but this show is more than that – it informs young ones and adults alike about the basic elements of life.

The show is an old one – with its beginnings in 1969, it has become a classic cultural phenomenon, all the puppets from the show have ingrained themselves in pop culture, and it has placed itself as an educational show that teaches both adults and kids about many things.

In addition, the wisdom this program offers everyone is timeless. Regardless of your age, you will always find something you can relate to, led by some familiar faces from the show. Here are seven valuable life lessons from the show:

The importance of education

If you are a parent, you know how full your plate is when you are trying your best to provide for your family and take care of your children at the same time. Sometimes, you do not feel like you can educate your young ones in the scholarly sense as well, and that is where the show and its premise were excellent in their life lessons.

The show has taught many children around the world, and in different languages, how to count numbers, sing and even the alphabet – all through songs and playful segments.

Well, if this makes you wonder how it applies in an adults’ life, the show actually prepares a person for the rigorous process that is listening in class and concentrating in what you are doing, as well as creating proper structures – something that does not come in a natural way to kids. Plus, using actual musicians to help the gang in their adventures did not hurt either, such as a certain episode that featured Johnny Cash teaching them how to count.

Valuing your friendships


Every human being wants to hang out with people that are kind, patient and can share their stuff. Even as a child, you gravitated more towards other kids that were kind.

The characters on the show behaved like normal humans – they would bicker over certain belongings, and they could argue with each other sometimes due to messiness. However, this did not get in the way of their friendships with each other – and neither should you let disagreements get in the way of getting along with your friends. Being a true friend, and standing by your friends in times of thick and thin, is something that the show constantly emphasized and is very important to your life as an adult today.

The importance of loving yourself and self acceptance


Sesame Street was very big on reminding its viewers that they need to love themselves, which brought about self-respect.

Sometimes as a kid, there are certain elements of yourself that you did not like, and you might have been on the receiving end of other kids’ teasing because of it. For instance, maybe you were the chubby kid in your class, or you were sickly, and it may have affected your self esteem. However, the show constantly reminded all of its viewers that loving yourself is important, even in spite of your imperfections.

Accepting others for who they are


In light of the theme of being a good friend, acceptance of yourself and others comes along with it.

Ever since the show went on air, it seeks to incorporate racial integration, and we all know how important this is especially in the world we live today that people get bullied for their skin color.

The importance of children identifying with the characters on display cannot be understated, and the show itself proved to be ahead of the pack by reminding all of us that the external features of a person are not important in the long-term. In fact, the opposite is true – the more the child sees diversity, even in the media, the better off they become.

Handling negative feelings you may have

Adults are not the only ones that have a difficult time processing their feelings on things and events. Children can have it rough sometimes, especially since they can be very perceptive to what is happening around them even though they may not understand it completely.

For instance, parents can make them discouraged, living conditions can be a downer for many, and some things are not fair. The show was very cognizant of this, and always made efforts to reach out to audience members that were struggling with issues in their lives – acting as a source of comfort.

Sometimes when going through a painful situation, knowing you are not alone in it can make a big difference, and encourage you to tackle the problem with renewed strength. When you admit the problems you are facing, you can receive help when dealing with them – something that many adults need refreshers on, since many do not like to talk about what they are going through, like admitting a drug addiction and getting admitted to a rehab like Recovery Village California.

The importance of empathizing with others


More than teaching younger viewers the sense of wrong and right, the show also made its viewers recognize the importance of having compassion for various characters and the circumstances they are in.

Nothing screams being a decent human being than recognizing the struggles someone else is going through, doing your best to relate to them and being a source of comfort as well as a soundboard for their issues.

Be real

Who among us can ever forget the self-conscious nature of Big Bird because of his size? And who can forget the grumpy nature of Oscar? Yet in spite of this, no character in the show mocked them for these attitudes, instead accepting them as they were.

Being different is not a bad thing. Variety remains the spice of life, and makes people such interesting characters to deal with

Final thoughts

Sesame Street remains one of the most unforgettable shows – not only for its entertainment value, but also for the life lessons it gave its viewers. It is particularly important to carry these lessons as an adult, as they will help you in being a good human being.