Rhinoplasty – Five Things To Know Before Your “Nose Job”

Every face gas certain dimensions and proportion that should make the nose fit on it. Sometimes, the dimensions of the nose don’t fit well with the dimensions of the face. This is the reason why people opt for rhinoplasty. But exchanging your nose which doesn’t match the face with a prettier nose is not such a good idea if it still doesn’t fit the face well. Rhinoplasties are successful when the nose fits better on the face and looks better on it. This should be a nose that doesn’t make it obvious that you had a nose job and looks subtle without making much changes to your face.

  1. A nose that fits

Basically, your new nose should be in harmony with your own face and should not feel like it belongs to someone else’s. It’s better to hear “Hey, you look nice. What did you do?” than “Hey, nice nose job”. For women, it is told in their consultation sessions that the purpose is to make their nose look more feminine after the surgery. Sometimes, women inherit the features of their father’s nose rather than their mother’s, which is why they seek rhinoplasty. Giving a feminine look to the nose means bringing it more in proportion with face. For men, an ideal nose should simultaneously assert masculinity.

  1. It is not painful at all!

It sounds like it should hurt but really, it doesn’t. In fact, rhinoplasty is the least painful and uncomfortable procedure in all plastic surgeries. Most people keep delaying it dreading about the recovery that they don’t know completely about. It is normal to have stuffiness for a while but the tell-tale signs of having a nose job done will disappear in a week. The stuffiness is because the swelling is more inside that it seems outside. But due to advancement in rhinoplasty techniques, the bruising and swelling is far less than what patients expect.

  1. Don’t watch any videos. They can misguide you.

The procedure is not painful, but it is still wise that you don’t watch any explicit videos and develop a misconception in your head. The surgical techniques are although very sophisticates and artistic, they might make you cringe at some point. It’s human nature that when we expect more pain and obsess about it, we talk ourselves into having to experience more pain. There’s a wise saying, “there is nothing to fear than fear itself”. So restrain from watching anything that might set you off your path of getting rhinoplasty done and calm your mind.

  1. “Packing” is not to be feared anymore

Packing is a procedure in which the nose is packed with about eight yards of gauze per nostril and removed after days. It is kind of scary as taking it off is a painful procedure. But rhinoplasty patients don’t have to worry about it anymore. This technique is no longer used and is replaced by a non-adherent packing which is removed shortly after the procedure and not left for days.

  1. Why is the need to get it re-done?

Sometimes, there is a scar tissue that forms under or in the skin during the recovery. Due to this, the result is not as good as it could be. Around 10% of the patients go for a “touch-up” which is not the complete rhinoplasty over again, but a revision to make it better. However, it is not always that a surgical procedure is needed. A good number of imperfections can be rectified by special injectables at the clinic.

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