Refurbishing to LED lights? Here are Questions to Ask the Manufacturer!

The stupendous growth of LED luminaries has catalyzed a rush of businesses that are all competing to meet the demand. And why not? LEDs, when compared to traditional lighting technologies use less electricity per lumen produced, last longer and have an exceptional aesthetic appeal.

Regardless of whether you are looking forward to refurbishing the entire space with a new LED system or choosing a few LED pendant lights to replace the existing conventional bulbs in any particular area, the decision should be well thought off and backed with research and answers from the manufacturer. So, here are questions that you need to ask the manufacturer before locking the decision.

How long has the manufacturer been in the LED business?

Many LED manufacturers have entered the lighting industry since the explosive growth in the demand. Inquiring about the positives of the company you are planning to go with is the first step to making the right decision. Many renowned LED manufacturers like Wipro Lighting have been in the trade for more than 20 years and have pioneered many of the innovations and advances that are driving the growth of the market. Choosing the right manufacturer who has been in the business for a long time and has expertise in this domain will offer long-term results.

Does the manufacturer sell different products for different needs?

What you don’t need today might become a need for tomorrow. So, make sure the manufacturer you choose has a vast range of products that make it easy for you to pick the ideal fit for your application. Also, in future, if you plan an expansion or a makeover of your present space, the manufacturer should have a broad range of LED luminaries apt for every application.

Are the LED products certified?

LED systems and products that are certified by any third-party rating agency are likely to give better performance and last longer. If the LED manufacturer you are planning to go with is certified with any of the rating agencies, the product quality will be comparatively higher and better suited for various applications. Certifications are good to look for when refurbishing to LED lights. In addition, awards are a mark of recognition. Any prestigious award that the company may have won can help you in making the right decision.

Does the LED manufacturer offer any warranty on products?

Warranty backed purchase leads to satisfaction. So, be sure of inquiring about the warranty offered by the LED manufacturer for different products and offerings. Though LED pendant lights and other lighting solutions are less prone to damage and are robust enough to tackle even the toughest weather conditions, it is important to ensure that warranty backs your purchase.

Are the designers and technicians readily available to answer any queries that you may have?

LED is an evolving technology and running at the same pace with the new advancements is hard. Replacing the old fixtures with new LED lighting is easy, however, understanding the terminology of each fixture can be confusing. To ease things out, go with an LED light manufacturer that has a panel of well-trained specialists to help you make the right decision depending on your current requirement.

To Sum It Up

These crucial questions are important to ask before signing a deal with any LED light manufacturers. Why? Because this practice will save your time, money and lastly will offer protection to your overall investment. Don’t procrastinate to do some research to ensure that your decision is backed well with answers your investment deserves.