Qualcomm Rubbishes Rumours of Snapdragon 810

qualcomm_snapdragon_600_snapdragon_400_chip_website_screenshot.jpgQualcomm Snapdragon 810

Following remaining week’s report declaring that Qualcomm is facing a couple of concerns with its Snapdragon 810 chipset that would possibly result in a lengthen in its rollout, Jon Carvill, Senior Director of Public family members at Qualcomm, finally cleared the air by mentioning that the whole thing is on track.

Carvill refused to give his tackle the a couple of speculations, however stated that, “i will be able to inform you that everything with Snapdragon 810 continues to be heading in the right direction and we think industrial units to be available in 1H 2015.”

Because of this the chipset will almost definitely now not be delaying the next-era devices like Galaxy S6, LG G4 or Sony Xperia Z4. On the other hand, they may still face delays because of every other production issues, however now it seems that no longer at the least from Qualcomm’s facet.

Remaining week it was mentioned that the predicted Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4, and Sony Xperia Z4 flagships may get delayed because of some new discovered considerations with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset.

Qualcomm Rubbishes Rumours of Snapdragon 810 Delays and Issues

As per the record carried by using industry Korea, Qualcomm’s flagship chipset reportedly heated up at sure voltage levels, leading to under-performance. The company’s Adreno 430 GPU was stated to be giving problems because of error found within the drivers. The RAM controller of the application processor was also referred to be dealing with considerations.

The brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 reportedly comprises 4 Cortex A57 cores with four Cortex A53 cores. While the Cortex A57 is high-efficiency cores, the Cortex A53 center of attention extra on energy effectivity. Whereas the Cortex A57 is alleged to be clocked at 1.9ghz, the Cortex A53 is clocked at 1.5ghz.