PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map Release Date and Start Time Announced

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The PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Attracted support for the Vikendi map and now Tencent has Verified when You’re Able to play it.
As per a tweet by the official PUBG Mobile account, the PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map launch date is currently December 20 and also the start date and time will be 5:30am IST on December 21 when it would be available for matchmaking. Before now, administrators of this official PUBG Mobile Discord stated there was no definite timeline for when Vikendi could be played. Evidently this has changed. Before you are able to find the Vikendi map though, you will have to download the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update that has a 2.1GB download size.
What this signifies is, PUBG Mobile could be the very first model of PUBG for Vikendi out of PUBG public test servers, in which it is playable for PC users. So if you purchased PUBG on PC, it is possible to check out Vikendi prior to its available in the main game. While no date has been awarded for Vikendi for PUBG Xbox One and PS4, it’s safe to say that it would be available shortly considering it was added to the PUBG PS4 PTS.

Other additions to PUBG PTS Incorporate the G64 rifle and a snowmobile. It’s theorized that PUBG Vikendi PTS for PS4 and Xbox One will probably be live in early January and its own full release will bring the Vikendi Event Pass together with it. Although we won’t be amazed to see it struck sooner in order for PUBG to stay competitive with the likes of Fortnite and Overwatch, both of which have winter-themed occasions underway.

As for PUBG Mobile, Vikendi is not the only thing new. With the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update includes a reporting system allowing players to report questionable behaviour while spectating a match on death. Cross-server matchmaking has been added also. When enabled players have a chance to be paired with those of the same tier on different servers. Also new in the PUBG Mobile 0.10. Update is the Firearms End Upgrade System. This lets players upgrade weapon endings to become new kill effects, broadcasts, and death cage looks.