Portronics POR-280 SoundPot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Detailed Review

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  • The body of this speaker made of wood with a rubber finish.
  • Under the speaker, it has a rubber to grip the floor.
  • Price is only 1150 Rs. available on Amazon.

Portronics #POR-280 SoundPot is round shaped. In front side, you will see the micro USB to USB charging port, auxin port to connect with aux cable for playing sound, and a reset button. The back side of the speaker a little mic has included using as loudspeaker by Bluetooth. The sound quality of this Portronics POR-280 SoundPot wireless #Bluetoothspeaker is very high and can feel a big sound system. Bess is also high and very much louder sound its make crazy.

Under the #Portronics POR-280 SoundPot, there are an on/off switch to power on and power off.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B013T21X42

This speaker gives you loud clear sound experience like a home theater.

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