Plaques, Trophies and Corporate Awards Vs Cash Bonuses

Today performance and employee engagement are more crucial to the overall success and health of an organization than they have ever been. While a slow economy makes the companies struggle, what makes all the difference is the dedication and hard work of employees. Maintaining a healthy workplace culture for the employees to stay motivated, engaged and be able to perform according to their highest potential is one of the greatest challenges for business leaders in current times. Apart from multiple benefits and great pay, employees also desire to be appreciated and valued for their work, given fair treatment, assigned important tasks and roles, have opportunities for advancement and involvement in management decisions. The recognition of employees makes an important contribution to the high morale in work environment. Therefore, recognition accruing from corporate awards and rewards can typically help attract and retain a number of employees.

As people appreciate recognition, they like being thanked for their work, not with money but in kind. This is owing to the fact that not only the employees easily forget how and on what they are spending the cash but more often than not cash falls flat as a reward. Again, unlike plaques, trophies, crystal corporate gifts and etched glass awards that decorate your walls and tables, cash simply stays in your wallet and then becomes some unmemorable expense bill. This is exactly why award for the recognition of performance and work of an employee is a form of both appreciation and incentive that drives the employee towards achieving higher goals.

Such awards recognizing employees can take multiple forms like company products, plaques, pins, company stock, thank you notes etc. However, the good thing about employee recognition award is the innumerable ways one can say thank you for doing what is right and these are not very expensive. Business organizations in allocating a considerable portion of their corporate budget towards these awards are in turn getting the employees interested in their work, which can increase their productivity and performance. This is a great way of letting the members of the staff know your appreciation for their work. Apart from motivating an individual, awards and trophies can also inspire other members of the group to work harder in order to receive this recognition.

The options available for you to choose from when it comes to selecting suitable rewards for your staff are many but you can always opt for recognition walls, crystal awards, recognition plaques, unique places and other gifts and trophies which are both sophisticated and economical at the same time. However, you have to ensure that these awards look good because the purpose they are serving is that of providing encouragement, hope and motivation for your staff. There are many websites that provide a range of products at competitive prices. Whether your order is a single-item request, huge project with numerous pieces or a rush order, many companies as such as Bardach Awards with their online availability will go beyond your expectation of quality of service and innovativeness of corporate awards. Hence, availing the service has become easier than ever.