New Technology Helping Press Release Writers

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If someone says they are a writer, most people would immediately think they are a book author, or perhaps that they write screenplays for TV and films. In reality, there are far more writers known as copywriters who put together articles and blogs to be published online, and make a successful living doing this type of work. Then there are the writers who compile press releases, and this is a specialty all of its own.

How New Technology Is Helping

A press release needs to be written to be readable, relevant and relatable. They always need to have an irresistible headline, one that will make people want to read more. They also need to be distributed to the right places at the right time. Ever since press releases have been written, this all had to be done from the writer’s own ideas and sent out to publishers manually. Now there are online tools to help them achieve the optimum press release and to get them distributed more efficiently.

New innovations have made it easier to collect any data they may need, and it will be analyzed ready for them to use. There are tools to find the latest trends, for SEO optimization, for finding the best media opportunities and many other areas. Of course, they still need to be skillful at what they do, as technology has not yet come up with a tool that will write the press release for them.

How Do You Find The Best Press Release Writers?

Press release writers are a breed all on their own, not everyone can handle the sort of content a press release needs. A copywriter might tell you they could do it, but there is a huge difference between writing a blog and something for release to the media. That is why people turn to specialist companies like, because then they can be sure their press release will be written by a professional and be distributed to exactly where it should go.

Yes, there are online tools to help the layperson if they want to try and write one. There are templates to follow and no end of advice about this style of writing, but whoever is doing it still has to put the words together and still has to make sure the release is saying what the client wants. They always need to be high quality writing, or the press release will reflect badly on the person or business that it is about.

Can a Press Release Help Your Business?

Press releases are a great way of getting your name known, you just need a reason for one. It could be that you are launching a new product, or updating an old product. You could be opening new premises, extending your business to new areas or have a special event taking place.

Whatever the reason, as a public relations exercise, press releases can help to connect you with your audience and can be a very effective way of increasing interest and sales.