Miss the College Fun, re-live those Fun Moments over a game of Rummy

Each one of us have some goal or aim in life. For some it is being an Entrepreneur whereas for some it might be to settle in a Cushy Job so that they can lead a comfortable life (with steady income). Though we are always very busy chasing our dreams and inching closer to them, at the back of our minds we sometimes think about our Childhood friends, School days, Games we used to play and much more… We all cherish those small & wonderful moments which bring us more joy & happiness than ‘Plastic Money’.

Being a 1990’s kid, I still remember those Rounded TV’s, Typewriter, Huge Monitors and it brings a huge smile on my face. Talking about College life, along with studies all of us were also involved in many sports activities. Over the weekends, our late night Routine was to play Cards; that too the age-old game of Indian Rummy. You may argue that ‘Though there are so many card games in India, why did you zero-in on Indian Rummy’? The simple answer is : ‘Indian Rummy is not only a Card Game but a game which bonds us, vitalizes our brain cells, makes us more Smart and improves our concentration level as we need to continuously focus on our opponent’s moves’ :)

When other college friends came to know that we play Rummy every weekend, they also used to join us at our dorm-room. Some of them had never played any card game but given the benefits of playing Rummy, they showed willingness to learn Rummy. I am sure many college goers would be looking out for a simple Rummy Guide, so today I decided to jot down some basic Rummy Rules.

  1. Let’s start with the Basics :) A pack of cards is called as Deck and each deck contains 52 Cards.
  2. There are 4 suits in cards namely Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.
  3. During the start of the Rummy Game, one card is randomly selected as a Joker. You can use the Joker as a substitute for any other card.
  4. Rummy should be played with a minimum of 2 players or maximum of 6 players.
  5. Since number of players increase, the cards distributed should also increase. Hence, it is played with 2 Packs of Cards.
  6. The Keywords that describe Rummy are ‘Sequence’ & ‘Set’.
  7. Sequence consists of 3 or more cards belonging to the same Suit. It is mandatory to have one ‘Pure Sequence’ which is a sequence without any Joker & one normal sequence in order to ‘declare’ in Rummy.
  8. As compared to Sequence, Set consists of 3 or more cards but they are of the same value [but can be of different suits]. It is of prime importance to understand the difference between Sequence & Set since they are the building blocks of Rummy.
  9. Each Card in Rummy has points. Ranks of the cards in an ascending order are 2, 3, 4, 5… 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.
  10. There are 2 piles in Rummy – Stock-card pile & Discard pile. On every turn, the Rummy player can discard one Card which is then kept in the ‘Discard Pile’ & picks one card from the Closed Deck. The Discard Pile is face-up whereas the Stock-card pile is face-down. Rummy players should be very watchful of their opponent’s moves i.e. keep a track of what cards they are discarding, whether they are able to form a sequence, predict their next moves etc.

With these tips, we have set the ball-rolling :) For detailed & comprehensive Rummy Tips, you can refer Rummy Rules on RummyCircle. Just like the MeraYaar advertisement, we also love to recollect those ‘Care Free Days’ but considering our busy schedule & tight deadlines; we get lot less chance to meet our friends.

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