iPhone 7 design: It Has Everything

As per the previous trend of Apple in its iPhones, its design remains same for the two generation. You can check the structure in iPhone 4 and 4s or iPhone 6 and 6s. iPhone 7 Design will surprise us with its killer makeover from its overall appearance to its body. It whole body can be designed with different materials to make it durable and stylist. It is rumored that Apple would sport Sapphire glass for the display and Liquidmetal for the chassis.


iPhone 7 design


Buttonless design

It is saying that iPhone 7 will not come with Home button so there will be possibility of having 3D touch technology. So there will more places for the making the iPhone 7’s screen bigger. For removing the home button Apple needs to shift the Touch ID reader to the sides of the phone. It can also happen that creating the Touch ID sensor in to the screen. This is how the new iPhone 7 Design is generated…


Non Metal Body

Non metal body for iPhone 7 may not be liked by everyone but it could be anything like sapphire glass, ceramics, plastics and liquid metal. So what would be next as the body of the Apple iPhone 7?


Curved Wraparound Screen

Idea of curved wraparound screen will not essentially make the screen bigger but it will appear to be. It will be more flexible and display will be attached to the interior part. Whether it will look great or not time will say. But most probably this concept of curved wraparound screen will be in demand and may be possible after seeing the iPhone 7; many smartphones will use this concept for their upcoming phones.


Sapphire Glass for iPhone 7

In Apple watch, Apple has already used the sapphire for its display and lately it will sport in iPhone 7. Undoubtedly Sapphire glass is better in quality that the Gorilla Glass so I believe it will be amazing option for the larger display. Sapphire is great in scratch resistant properties.


Liquidmetal Chassis for iPhone 7

Liquidmetal is undoubtedly better in performance and durability than aluminium. This could make the same potential as the metal used for Apple upcoming iPhones. With this Apple will keep the bigger iPhone lightweight and slim as well. Apple may not be focusing on overall the size of its latest iPhone but it will increase the size of display. This is also saying that bezels will be removed in the bigger screen to have edge to edge display.


Touch ID built into the screen for iPhone 7

For Touch ID sensor Apple needs to incorporate the Home button into the screen. Apple will increase the screen down past the Home button.

Technology is moving fast forward and its ambitious development is providing the edge and convenience unlimited so there is no need to look back. We can say that, we will have all in Apple’s next devices (ipad air 3) which will make your life better place to live in.