Instagram Testing’Main Account’ Feature to Link Multiple Accounts in Single Login: Report

Instagram Testing 'Main Account' Feature to Link Multiple Accounts in Single Login: Report

Instagram is reportedly working on a new’main account’ feature that could enable advanced users to Handle their multiple accounts with One login.

The users will have to create one account their’main or main consideration’ and logging in that account will permit them to get all of their other accounts too. This attribute is still a work in progress at this time and its traces were found in the alpha version of Instagram. There is not any word on when this feature is going to be launched from the stable version of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing program.

TechCrunch obtained off this tip from a tipster Ishan Agarwal, along with the code located inside an alpha version of Instagram clarifies,”Quickly and safely log in to every one your Instagram accounts with one ID and password. Make one of your accounts your principal consideration and use it to log in to every one of your other accounts simultaneously… Your accounts will stay separate but logging in will be fast and simple… Anybody with the password for your main accounts will have access to the account connected to it”

The report further notes that the main account feature will let users link 1 accounts as the primary accounts and the rest can be connected to this account. Logging to the primary or primary account will automatically empower user’s accessibility to the rest of the account too. After all of this is set up, the users will only need to recall just one email/username and password combination. This would enable advanced users in easy switching and handling multiple accounts on Instagram.

The TechCrunch report adds that the account linking feature could enlarge functionalities in the long run by allowing users enroll on third party programs using Instagram and deliver their identity or profile info to other programs very similar to Facebook Login.

The company CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims that one of the significant reasons why Facebook would like to move forward with the integration is to produce end-to-end encryption default more of their company’s products.