Influence of Technics on Your Children: Myth or Reality?

Nowadays, it is not possible to avoid mentioning how fast is developing both scientific and technological spheres, and that such progress greatly influences our personalities and changes our lifestyles. Every day we enjoy the benefits of this progress, most of us can’t imagine how to live a day without using them; from this statement, you can already come to the conclusion that the use of technics influences our world, society, and lives, and its impact grows with every day.

Does the technical progress have an impact on our kids? The answer, without a doubt, is YES! In this article, we want to focus on the question of the influence of scientific and technical progress on the development of our children’s personality. Like everything in our world, this matter has both negative and positive factors, so let’s see what some of the most important pros and cons are.


Positive influence of technics

1) Faster intellectual development.

If earlier human’s brain was not required to put many efforts to learn the basic things that surround us, now the majority of children in the age of 3-5 years are already trying to master the computer, learn fundamental skills in the work with a smartphone, etc. Of course, all these technical innovations contribute directly to the more rapid development of the human’s brain, so it is undoubtedly a positive aspect of the fast technological progress.

2) Unlimited educational possibilities.

One of the main factors that prove why technology is good is the unlimited range of possibilities that modern gadgets and the Net had opened to the humanity. And it had a huge impact on the educational system. Thanks to the Internet, modern kids never suffer from the lack of information that is necessary for their intellectual development, and it is a great advantage; moreover, technics gave our children equal possibilities to obtain knowledge by giving us distant learning opportunities. We can find a lot of useful services to help with our work or studying, contact with people around the world (for example,  australian essay writers) or even book ticket to different events from our sofas.

3) Formation of important skills.

One of the biggest advantages that encourage usage of gadgets and the Internet by kids is the fact that it helps our children to gain and develop a very important skill – ability to research, collect and analyze information. Usually, such skills are formed when a person grows up. But today, the vast abundance of different news sites, articles and other sources of data forces teenagers to analyze all of the found information, and also, such skills help kids to develop the capacity for critical thinking.

Top three reasons why technology is bad

1) Cheating.

Along with the positive influence on the educational process, the Internet and new technologies also have many negative effects. Namely, cheating had become much easier than it used to be. Nowadays, any school kid can go on the Internet, Google an answer for a test question or find a writing service and ask them  do my essay for me, and the possibility to get caught is too small now.

2) Smartphone addiction.

Since the appearance of smartphones, tablets, and other portative gadgets, students of schools more and more amenable to the influence of technology, and today, modern children almost never part with their phones. They play video games and spend hours on social networks. Because of such “addiction” to their gadgets, many teenagers and kids suffer from low concentration at schools and colleges, rarely go out, perform badly in their studies, and the worst – they cause irreparable harm to their health.

3) Problems with vision.

If the question about the influence of electromagnetic fields on our health is still controversial, the negative effect of computer, TV or phone on human’s eyes is already proven because such prolonged strain on the eyes tire them, and it leads to problems with vision.

As you can see there certainly are some good as well as bad things about technology and its role in our everyday lives, but let’s come back to the initial question – is the influence of technics on your children a myth or reality? I’m sure that everyone will now agree that it’s reality.

The technical progress really has an impact on the new generation; however, it is still uncertain whether this influence is bad or good because we can see both undeniable advantages and disadvantages.