How To Import Contacts To Salesforce  

Salesforce is one of the most popular Customer service Relationship management software (CRM) and is a well know SAAS provider which is software as a service application. This CRM has many components like service cloud, marketing cloud and sales cloud. The power of any CRM becomes evident when you use it properly. When you import contacts to Salesforce you can find the power of Data Import wizard which manages the process of importing contacts to Salesforce very effectively.

How to import contacts to Salesforce

When you use Salesforce at one point of time you definitely need to important contacts to Salesforce. You may find it difficult if you don’t know how to import contacts to Salesforce. Entering all the entries through hand is a painful job and therefore a solution has to be there to bring the import fast and in bulk action. Let us read import points about importing contacts to Salesforce.

Tips on importing contacts to Salesforce

A number of things have to be considered when performing a data import. It is therefore the best thing to have a good knowledge of various options to import contacts to Salesforce. There are a number of good tools to help you in importing data in the software. Every method has different considerations when using for import such as which objects you can import and the limitations to the number of records for import.

There are 3 main methods to import contacts to Salesforce and they are using Apex data loader, the object specific import wizards or the unified data import wizard. If you need to import a lot of record at once then data loader is the best instead of the import wizard.

Data loader is also limited in its ability to prevent duplicates while importing data into the system. This makes it not so effective to use unless you use your Salesforce ID while importing contacts into Salesforce.  There are many third party tools also which can help you to import contacts to Salesforce and search the net for these third party tools. You will come across a number of tools for this purpose. Some of them are general data loaders while some connect certain apps to Salesforce. A good example is PeopleImport which is a great third party tool to import contacts into Salesforce.

A CSV file of the data needs to be created if you are using any data import tool for import. Take an inventory of the column headers and source data fields once you have idea that what type of data you have and what objects it corresponds to. Take a note of the fields available in Salesforce on the objects that you are planning to import data into. These are important considerations in the process of data importing.