How to win a debate?

Debates are fights of words. The two things that matter the most when a person chooses to debate are confidence and the facts that help in creating the right foundation for the topic the person is favoring. The facts are the most important part because even the slightest of wrong information can make you lose terribly bad with your reputation going down the drain. Of course, that is one thing that one never wishes to happen. So then how do you protect yourself from getting the wrong information and win the debate competition too?

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Well, here are some ways that will help you to win a debate competition.

Factual Information Online

As stated above, facts are the base of an argument in any debate. If you do not have any factually based information, it will mean you are simply taking words and making assumptions out of your belief which is never going to help you win the debate.

You can search for online platforms for summarised information on the topic you are favoring. Just make sure you research enough to know whether the information you have gathered is factual or not. 

Research from Books

Books are written after years and years of research and it is more of a reliable source then you can name of. You can read out of several textbooks on the topic you have chosen. This will not only give you enough information but the writing style of the book will also help you in arranging the information in the right manner and will give you a better arrangement of words to speak in the competition. You don’t have to buy all the many books you will be needing to read because you can easily rent them from

Talk to people who are interested in the same topic

Talking to people who have interests in the same topic can help you in building a strong body line for your debate matter. When you will talk to a person you both are interested in, you will be able to get a different prospective too that will for sure help you in understanding the subject even better. And this will increase the probability of you winning the competition.

Build Enough Confidence (to scare off the opponent)

Facts, information, and everything else is an important factor but one of the most important factors that are going to help you win is the confidence you carry. In most of the cases, debtor losses the competition not because their information lacked points or because their matter was not strong enough. The reason is that the debtor lacks confidence and trips on words. There is nothing wrong in being nervous but losing your confidence is only going to bring you down and will give power to your opponent.

Keep these points in your mind while you are preparing for a debate competition and you will just be great to go and win.