How to Track Your Teen’s Digital Activities ?

Today connecting with someone who is physically miles away is very easy. It can be done by just one click or one touch. Technology has brought this world closer. Today everyone from scientists and doctors to drivers and local shopkeeper have cell phones or tablets, which help them to connect with the internet. Internet has a vast knowledge about anything and everything. You can search for anything on the internet and you will get it. Initially the kids were given cell phones to that parents could keep track of where their children where. At that time tablets or phones were a luxury. But now-a-days these devices are a necessity. Kids are given phones on a very young age so that they get adapted to technology and it advancement. So many social sites and apps like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, snapchat, etc. are the talk of the town. People of very age are present on these social mediums.

But there are many disadvantages of giving technology in such young hands. Cyber crimes like hate crimes, cyberbullying and sexting, identity theft and credit card theft happen over the internet. Such incidents can scar a child for a lifetime of embarrassment. Serious issues like leaked information or pictures, internet bullying, frauds can harm the impressionable minds of children. Teenagers are rebellious and non-obedient and can easily give away information which they don’t consider important. Mean and awful people are present all over the internet to harass the children. Kids don’t understand the meaning of privacy and can fall into the traps of the wrong people.

To save the children from such incidences parents have be extra cautious and careful. The parents should be very close to their kids so that if any problem occurs the kids turn to them for guidance. But sometimes it is too late to do something since information on the internet spreads like fire and reach everywhere in the world. Sometimes even the kids are uncontrollable and don’t listen to their parents. Punishments like limited time on the screen and grounding the kids doesn’t help in disciplining the kids. More than half of the parents don’t know the passwords to their children’s accounts and email ids. Controlling such kids becomes very hard and complicated. For times like these technology has given a very smooth solution that helps parents to track the digital activities of their teens.

One of the best apps created for parental control is TeenShield. Rated as one of the best app of our times TeenShield’s features make it very attractive and useful. TeenShield is a monitoring tool which allows parents to check their child’s iPhone or Android phone activity. This app also provides a unique option which doesn’t let the teenager know that they are being monitored. There is no compromise on the speed of the device or on the privacy of the contents which are available only to the parents.

TeenShield cover the text messages including the sent, received and deleted messages and also the iMessages. It keeps a record of the log for each call made or received with the time and duration. It gives the detailed location of the child and keeps a record which can be checked later as well. The parents can also see the websites visited, the contacts, bookmarks and the installed app on that device. Whatsapp being the latest messaging app it records the sent and received messages with their full detail. Most importantly it helps the parents to check the photographs taken by their child on their tablet or phone.

Parents can also restrict the usage of some specific websites or applications on the device of their kids. And for parents with more than one kid can add the other on the same account and check their activities at the same time. TeenShield offers complete security because only the parents can access their child’s data through a password-protected site. Parents just need to sign into a user friendly and secure website to view the device activities of their teens. It has a very strong location sensor and has great app management skills.

Apple based devices including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch re compatible with TeenShield. It can also be used on android based tablets and phones.

To conclude we can say that saving the future of your child is in your hands. Giving them good education and values is important but sometime more stern steps are required. Such steps can save their child from nuisance and unwanted elements. This can save a child to go down a wrong path of crimes, drugs and other problems. Teenagers can be easily influenced by the sweet words of a stranger. It is their parent’s duty to keep their child away from the darkness of this world. This is a superior app because of the variety of features at such a low price.You can visit the teenshield blog to get updated of various tips related safety.