How to share quick tutorials on social media?

Social media marketers focus on quotes with pics, inforgraphics, CTA posts and what not. They seldom realize the importance of quick and easy tutorials. For fact, it increases your engagement and CTA rates. SMM pros make best use of this little known strategy. They make smaller clips or files to post on social media platform, which enlightens the followers on something. It’s something; they will look at and do it from their side. For instance, you can promote a reality show contestant by letting people know how to vote for their favorite contestant online. When they see your person is getting voted in the clip, they would be swayed too.

Think out of the box

A major blunder you would be doing on social media is following yet another run of the mills strategy. If you are thinking intro videos, everyone does them. Yep, it has been effective and it has worked for years. But it requires your follower to spend some time to watch the video.

Your average follower comes across tons of intro videos. He/She gets endless inforgraphics on timeline. In order to engage them even slightly, you need to present something really crisp. One of the creative ideas will be to share screen recordings. It incites that natural curiosity on top of familiarity.

Recording your PC screen

Recording your PC screen is as simple as 1-2-3. You don’t have to capture it with another camera. There are software and tools to record your screen activity. Some of the quick and easy online options include this There are pretty good offline options such as CamStudio as well.

Besides third party software, there isn’t much help from any of the native operating systems. Windows or Mac allows you to take screenshots with PrtSc key. That’s as far as screen recording goes, in native OS. You are required to download and use third party software to do a screen recording. VLC software allows you to record screen, but doesn’t offer too many features.

Trimming to GIFs

The best file format for screen recording to be posted on social media is GIF. It works like a charm on Twitter or Instagram. It just automatically plays, unless the user disabled auto-play feature. However, recording software seldom supports the GIF format. The resulting video format is usually of the brand, mp4 or AVI. Needless to say, you can convert video file into different file formats. But retaining the clarity is always an issue. Especially when you are trying to extract a GIF, it gets more challenging.

Posting on social media

You just can’t upload GIFs as it is. You need to concentrate on the editing. You might want to trim the length of video. Anything more than 15-35 seconds will be skipped by followers.  Cutting out every second frame helps bring down size and length of the clip.

For your content to have maximum exposure, upload it to as many social media networks as you can. Include relevant and tending hashtags in your posts. Consider watermarking your clip to keep content stealers at bay.