How to Fix Computer Freeze Problem

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing Up?

Does your computer keep freezing time and time again? Sometimes when you are working or playing games on your computer, your computer just freezes up for no reason. Why does the computer keep freezing? How do you fix it?

Normally a computer freezes up owing to short of RAM resources. When you are running too many programs at the same time, the programs will fight for the inadequate RAM resources. If Windows fails to allocate the memory properly, computer would freezes up and some programs will be not responding.

Someone says if he increases his memory the problem will not happen again. Unfortunately some PC users who have 4 G RAM also encounter the freezing problem once in a while. Why? System problems!

In most cases, it is not the inadequate RAM resources that cause computer to hang up. There are many issues that have a negative effect on computer performance such as registry errors, redundant DLL files, junk files and so on. When your computer is confronted with those problems, you could find the performance is dramatically decreased.

For example, registry is one of the most important parts of Windows system. If registry is corrupted or damaged, your computer would not only lock up but also even experience blue screen, blank screen and other serious problems. And when there are many redundant DLL files in your system disk, part of the RAM resources will be occupied by them. Then your PC will run into the situation in which RAM resources is inadequate and your computer will hang up.

Besides, there are many other issues can lead to computer hang-up. You need to handle all the issues to fix the problem.