How to Clean a Smelly Dog Bed With Vinegar

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Do you love your dog so much that every time you open the door from work without seeing him, you think that something is wrong? Besides enjoying your dog and getting attached to his presence, what else do you care about the dog? Well, it’s essential that you care about the dog bed for which your lovely puppy sleeps on. Most individuals would wait until they get a terrible smell that is unbearable to clean their dog’s bedding. If you are so fond of your dog and care so much, there’s no need to let things escalate to such an extent.

If you wait for that long, it may be so frustrating to scrub the stains off and it’s also not a good situation for your dog to experience. It’s essential that you keep your dog’s beddings clean all the time. Invest in an indestructible dog bed that will give you an easy time cleaning. You can also purchase removable covers that you can be changing every time to keep the bed clean and fresh. Look for a heavy-duty dog bed for durability, more support, and comfort.

You can make the work of cleaning your smelly dog bed easy by applying the following suggestions on how to keep it fresh and cleaner using vinegar

Steps for cleaning a smelly dog bed using vinegar


  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Washing detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Water

Read the instructions for cleaning your dog’s bed to avoid spoiling it and ensuring that you are using the correct cleaning items.

Step-1. If the bed has a cover, separate it first for proper cleaning. The kind of bedding you have for your dog will determine how you go about keeping it clean.

Step-2. Removing any loose dirt first

You should blow a vacuum over your dog’s bed before applying water or any liquid on it. Blowing over it will help to pull our hairs, unhatched eggs from insects and fleas, and any other accumulation of dirt. You can also go a step further to use a lint roller after the vacuum to ensure that you reach even the hidden areas.

Step-3. You can start with cleaning the cover as it is less involving while following the cover’s cleaning manual. In case of any stains on the cover, remove them using a stain removal treatment before washing it. If the cover requires the use of the washing machine, it’s advisable to place in the cleaner one-quarter cup of vinegar and a mild detergent. For a bed cover that recommends hand wash, put the cover in a basin with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, warm water, and a mild detergent. Rinse the cover thoroughly with clean water after thorough washing and allow time for drying following the manual instructions. Place the bed cover in the sun if it requires air dry. You can then move on to clean the dog bedding.

Step-4. When cleaning the dog bed, it’s equally important to clean it according to its material while keeping in mind the cleaning instructions. To clean a dog bed with foam material, fill the empty basin with water, add one-quarter cup of vinegar and a little amount of washing detergent. Put the foam into the washing bowel for it to soak in the mixture without leaving any parts out. Allow staying for a maximum of 15 minutes. Pull in out of the washing basin while compressing it to remove the dirty soapy water. Fill the basin with water and soak in the foam to wash away the dirt and soap. Repeat the process several times until you wash away all the soap and dirt. After the final rinsing, try to squeeze the foam dry to remove most of the water before putting it in the scorching sun for drying.


Always observe the cleaning guidelines for your dog’s bedding for longevity and proper maintenance.

Additional tips to maintain a clean dog bed

  • Get a bed cover for your dog bed as it makes the cleaning easier
  • Use a wet towel from a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to wipe the surface of your dog’s bed as often as possible
  • Spread even baking soda on the top of your dog’s bed and wait for sometimes before removing it out for dusting.

It will be easy for you to keep your dog’s bed cleaning by following the above steps and keeping your dog clean as well. If you keep your dog clean, it will mean less dirt and hair at its sleeping area. Shower the dog as often as possible to keep the dog clean and comfortable.