Here’s Your Document Checklist to Apply For a Chartered Accountant Loan

When it comes to fulfilling your professional and individual needs, taking a loan can often be the right financial move. Instead of opting for a generic loan, you can choose to avail a Chartered Accountant Loan customised for CAs. Whether you require urgent funds for personal reasons, business finance for your CA practice or even a loan to help you become a homeowner, a CA Loan gives you easy and convenient access to money.

A chartered accountant loan covers all the loans like personal loans, business loans, home loans and even loan against property. A simple yet important way to speed up the chances of your loan application getting approved is by submitting all the essential documents at the time of application. These documents depict your financial ability to repay the loan and give your basic information like address, ID proof, business information, etc. Once you submit all these documents, your loan will be approved and sanctioned quickly.

Here’s your document checklist for applying for a CA loan

  1. PAN Card photocopy: Your PAN Card is a primary ID proof and signifies that you’re an authentic tax paying individual, and a copy of the same is required for your CA Loan application.
  2. KYC documents: KYC documents covers everything that the lender needs to know about you. This information consists of basic identity proof and signature proof. Under this category, you could be required to submit your driver’s license or Voter ID card and a few passport size photos.
  3. Address proof: This category covers the list of documents that provide information about your place of residence and address. Under this category, you could be required to submit documents like electricity or phone bills, along with your Aadhar Card photocopy.
  4. Proof of income: Income is an important piece of information that lenders would need to ensure about your financial ability to repay the loan. Collecting this information gives lenders security of you being able to make timely EMI payments. This is especially important when it comes to unsecured loans such as personal and business loans. As a part of this category, you could submit your bank statements.
  5. Own property proof: You will also need to submit a proof of your own property, be it your own house, parental home, or own office at a location where your lender operates or has a branch.
  6. Certificate of Practice: This is one of the most important documents needed for a CA Loan. Your Certificate of Practice (CoP) is proof of your work and needs to be at least four years from the date you apply for a loan.

This covers the entire list of documents to be submitted at the time of applying for a Chartered Account Loan. This loan is offered to all CA professionals looking for a specialised financial solution. The main benefits are that a Chartered Accountant Loan Eligibility is simple and the loan is easy to apply online. So whether you need funds to grow your practice, want finances to educate your child or buy an asset or a home, a CA Loan has a suite of loans to support all your endeavours. Take a CA Loan from Bajaj Finserv and enjoy a variety of advantages such as attractive interest rates, faster approvals within 24 hours and speedy disbursal of your loan amount.