Having Issues Opening and Viewing Docx Format Files,

You have probably encountered many situations where you have been faced with trying to open a docx format file and come to realize that you do not have the right program to open it. You have most likely received this file saved in the latest version of MS Word. This is the new standard word processing file format that Microsoft has used for its latest Office suite.
Many options are available to users like you for at least being able to open and view the file. Some programs go beyond this and offer users the ability to also edit the converted version of the file they have opened. One of the simplest and safest ways for Microsoft and Mac users to open the docx format file is to download the MS Word application docx viewer from the Microsoft website. This small program is useful in situations where you need a simple docx viewer since this program does not allow users to edit the opened file.
Another alternate available for users who do want the ability to edit the converted files is to download small utility programs that convert docx format file into rtf format files, which is a more generic format acceptable to virtually all word processing platforms. The opened document will be almost identical to the original document, including page and font formatting. This can be done right in the Ms Word application.
Open XML converters are available as an add-on to older versions of MS Office to cater to conversion situations for both the Mac and PC platforms. For Macs specifically, users are able to download a desktop widget from third parties that has capability of converting files from docx to the older more pervasive format.
Linux based users will be happy to know that the Open Source Open Office suite typically has built in functionality to convert from docx to doc files. This is done by the built in Open XML tool as part of the Open Office suite. Documents will then be available to fully edit as desired. Converting the files, saving them in a different format or using a docx viewer are your basic choices.