Google Shutting Down Jump VR Platform Next Month: Report

A dwindling user base has forced Google to Close down its Jump virtual reality (VR) platform Which would go offline at the end of June.

The company is telling users to download their data before it closes down the video sewing platform entirely, Engadget reported late Saturday. Launched in 2015, Jump is Google’s professional VR video solution. It creates 3D 360-degree movie production at scale possible with automatic video stitching using the power of Cloud.

Google Shutting Down Jump VR Platform Next Month: Report

In an email sent to customers and a note posted on the Jump FAQ page, the tech giant said the platform will stop accepting uploads for processing on June 26.

“People who need a copy of the data they uploaded into the cloud will have until June 27th to download all of them. On June 28th, Google will start erasing Jump’s cloud data and deactivating accounts,” the email read.

Google has seen the emergence of lots of superior alternative solutions for founders.

“As these new cameras, formats, and editing programs became available, we now saw usage of Jump Assembler decrease,” the firm said.

Jump was Google’s big bet on virtual reality video along with the firm had worked with GoPro and Yi to construct committed VR cameras. Yi had released $17,000 (approximately Rs. 12 lakhs) VR camera with Google in 2017.

The closing of Jump VR isn’t Google’s first death from VR. The company had earlier pulled the plug on a high-end cinematic VR camera which it was growing in partnership with Imax.