Google Pixel 4 May Offer Enriched Dual-SIM Functionality Like 2018 iPhones, Tips AOSP Commit

Google Pixel 4 May Offer Improved Dual-SIM Functionality Like 2018 iPhones, Tips AOSP Commit

Google’s next Pixel flagship Continues to Be a long time away, but it appears that the upcoming smartphone might offer better Double SIM functionality than the current Harvest and Preceding generation Pixel smartphones.

As per the recent commit changes seen from the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Gerrit, the Pixel 4 might provide true dual SIM performance which will enable users to select which SIM they need to utilize for handling messages and calls. It is thought that the Google Pixel 4 may bring support for Double SIM, Dual Standby (DSDS) protocol that enables either of those two SIM cards for use for making calls or receiving SMS, but not concurrently.

The Google Pixel two along with also the Google Pixel 3, together with their XL versions, technically offer double SIM performance as they encourage a secondary eSIM. However, they follow the Double SIM, Single Standby (DSSS) standard, so the networks offered by the physical SIM and the eSIM cannot be in a working state concurrently and just the support given by one of them may be used at a moment. On the contrary, the majority of all Android smartphones from third-party manufacturers follow the Dual SIM, Double Standby protocol, where, the service provided by the SIMs is live and users may define which one they would like to use for calls, SMS and information. It now appears the Double SIM, Double Standby feature will finally debut on Google’s smartphones beginning with the Pixel 4, which is reportedly codenamed’Coral’ and was allegedly seen on Geekbench last month.

In fresh AOSP Gerrit commits that were spotted by XDA-Developers, there’s a mention of adding property worth for identifying support for double SIM functionality. But what is worth noting here’s a comment with a Google employee in precisely the same thread that states the 2019 Pixel will possess double SIM functionality and it’ll be different from the implementation on the Pixel 3 duo, on which the dual SIM performance is restricted.

The new developments indicate the Pixel 4 may introduce support for its Dual SIM, Double Standby (DSDS) protocol via the eSIM + physical SIM configuration, substantially such as the new strain of iPhones found in 2018. A case may also be made for the arrival of Double SIM, Dual Active (DSDA) service about the Pixel 4 which allows usage of telephony and information services of both the SIMs concurrently, but it would depend whether Google equips the Pixel 4 using dual radios. Additionally, Google also appears to be analyzing the activation of the attribute for older Pixel smartphones, however, it cannot be said with certainty if the support for DSDS protocol will be enabled for your Pixel 3 along with the Pixel 2.