Gangnam Style Forces YouTube

gangnam_style_sc_youtube.jpgGangnam Style

Simply how giant successful was Gangnam fashion? So great that the internet actually wasn’t able to deal with it.

Youtube stated that the 2012 music via South Korea’s Psy – accompanied by means of a horse-riding-like dance that turned into a world sensation – this week reached the maximum collection of views that its counter had speculated to be imaginable.

The video-sharing website displays that the legit version of the video has had more than 2.15 billion views – the an identical of one-1/3 of the sector’s inhabitants, although after all many individuals watched greater than once.

The problem: youtube designed its counter with what is legendary in computer science as a 32-bit integer, that means that the utmost choice of countable views was 2,147,483,647.

Gangnam Style Forces YouTube to Upgrade View Counter

“We by no means notion a video can be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer,” youtube, which is owned with the aid of search engine giant Google, mentioned in a posting on Google+. It additional asks customers to “Hover over the counter in PSY’s video to look just a little math magic…”

Youtube engineers anticipated the problem and upgraded to 64-bit integer (9,223,372,036,854,775,808). That means that “Gangnam model” or future mega-hit videos can now transcend nine sextillion views a feat that, as a minimum in keeping with conventional knowledge, could be inconceivable to interrupt.