Image result for FUN ACTIVITIES TO KEEP YOUR KIDS BUSY DURING THE HOLIDAYSKids get bored pretty fast especially during the holidays when they don’t have any school work to keep them occupied. While you may want to spend as much time as you can with them, it can frankly be exhausting since you have different energy levels plus you have to run errands and keep the house going so you can’t be their playmate all the time.

In this regard, you will want to find ways to keep them busy as you take care of the house and also take a much deserved rest in the course of the day.

Here are some fun activities to keep your kids busy during the holidays.

Game time

With regulation and supervision, playing video games have benefits like improved creativity and motor coordination for your children.

The important thing is to find age-appropriate games for your children so they don’t get prematurely exposed to gratuitous violence and sex from inappropriate games. Through sites like Gameguideworld.Net you can find video game reviews that provide useful guidance into choosing what’s appropriate for your kids.

You can also organize physical games for your kids to play with their peers which goes a long way into keeping them physically fit.

Household chores

Take advantage of the holidays to introduce your children to household chores. Having your children help around in the house is a great way of teaching them responsibility.

Let them choose from a list of age-appropriate tasks you have for them and see to it that they perform it well. This is way you get to learn how to take care of themselves and the house and you don’t get tired doing everything all by yourself. Plus you also don’t have to watch out for them since they are gainfully occupied.

The tasks should be short and easy to do though since kids lose concentration very fast.

Additionally, you can also have your children help you out in the kitchen by being your kitchen assistant as you cook. This imparts in them culinary skills as well as healthy eating habits.


The holidays are not an excuse to bin the books until the next school term starts. Use the holidays to inculcate in your kids the art of reading for leisure.

Reading expands your kid’s vocabulary, grows their minds and is a healthy way to spend time that sitting in front of the TV or glued to their smartphones.

Have a variety of storybooks in your house for your children to choose from but if you don’t have the resources for a home library, you can take them to the local library for a few hours daily.

Visit to the grandparents

If you have wonderful parents, then your kids would be excited to spend some quality time with them. The better if you live in different cities since they also get to enjoy a road trip as you travel to your parent’s place.

Spending time with their grandparents can create indelible memories for your kids that they will cherish for life.