Flying for the First Time: Important Tips You Should Know

The first time you fly, it can be really intimidating thinking of all those things that could possibly go wrong. However, keeping in mind the excitement it entails, remembering certain basic rules will make it an easy affair which is not only stress-free, but also fun.

On the basis of the distance of your house from the airport, you might want to consider the Park and Fly service. This option is convenient for people living at an hour’s distance or more from the airport. Park and Fly involves booking any of the hotels closer to the airport and have your car parked there while you are traveling. It adds the element of convenience and flexibility to the odd timings of a flight that one might end up with. Availing this service means that you will not have to leave the house at odd hours like 3am in the morning to go to the airport. Again, most of the hotels also offer shuttle service which is also extremely convenient because it takes you directly to the gate for your airline and it saves your time on the guessing ordeal. The price for the service can range from as meager as $69 to as expensive as $300. This is depending on the hotel you are choosing. However, you can always get an on-the-way hotel that will save you the travel time ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep as much as possible. Only make sure that the hotel you are booking has decent rooms and that your car will be safe there. The general cost of the service is somewhere around $120 and it often happens so that people spend the same amount on parking as they would have done on parking and hotel. This is because parking is normally included in your booking, usually for eight days and then charges extra for additional days. To get information on the quality of the hotel you are choosing, your travel agent will be the best person to contact. However, because your car cannot just be left in the hotel parking lot for days, you have to book the hotel stay as Park and Fly.

Also, in order to avoid unforeseen emergencies it is best to arrive at the airport two hours before the time of the departure of your flight. This will also allow you sufficient time for security checks and the airline check-in. Now when it comes to packing, this too forms an integral part of planning your journey to the airport as many airlines charge baggage fees. Therefore, try to find an airline where one bag of 50lbs checked luggage and a smaller carry-on bag are free for each person. So when you are packing, try to do it smartly so as to maximize the available space in your luggage. Try to pack in a way that you put most of your items in the checked luggage and some in the carry-on so that in case your checked luggage weighs anything above 50lbs, you have sufficient space in your carry-on to shift the item. Also try to save space for items you might buy while on the trip.

As for carry-on, most airlines allow linear inches of 45 approximately, so make sure you go through the airline policy once. Take your medicines, camera and other things you cannot survive without in the carry-on, while ensuring that you are not carrying anything unnecessary. Liquids which are in 3 ounce or lesser containers will be allowed in this bag and the rest has to be put in the checked luggage. So avoid water bottles, but after you have cleared the security, you can buy a drink at the airport restaurant and carry it on the plane.