Facebook Reportedly Asking Many Users for Their Mail Passwords

Facebook Reportedly Asking Some Users for Their Email Passwords

Facebook is Requesting users to disclose passwords for their personal email accounts so as to Get into the social Media platform, the Press reported.

A message was flashing some Facebook users’ log-in display, requiring them to input the password of this email ID they assembled their Facebook accounts, The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday.

“To keep on using Facebook, you will want to verify your email,” the message requirements, followed by a form requesting customers’ password.

How broadly the new step was set up remains unclear.

“We know the password confirmation alternative is not the ideal method to start it, so we’re likely to quit giving it,” the report quoted Facebook as stating.

The further login measure was discovered over the weekend with a cyber-security watcher on Twitter known as”e-sushi”.

The need from Facebook, that is ill-reputed for consumer information and safety breaches, has begun making the rounds only fourteen days after Facebook confessed to have had saved around 200-600 million user-passwords in plain text, searchable by over 20,000 Facebook workers.