Choose the best Seedbox hosting providers for all downloading and uploading of digital files

A Seedbox is a remote server which is commonly used for secure downloading and uploading of torrents at immensely high speeds. Seedboxes can be used by users to gain the benefit of high speed torrent transfer and sharing of digital files. The benefits of using a seedbox do not need over exaggeration. The simple fact that high speed data transfer can be achieved by using a seedbox is enough to make users understand the relative necessity of a seedbox. The question now remains how to choose a seedbox hosting provider. While you are on the lookout for a feasible seedbox hosting provider, you might want to have a look at the various specifications and details of different providers, to make an informed choice. You might want to have a look at these seedbox providers which gained fame in the year 2015 for their excellent services and remarkable features.

What is a Seedbox


Touted as a fast, reliable, anonymous and simplest peer to peer experience, the seedbox from this provider can be setup in a matter of few minutes. Rapidseedbox has deployed more than five thousand seedboxes, from which, dozens of petabytes have been transferred. The up time of their seedbox is guaranteed to be 24*7. Hence users can get a fulfilling experience. They offer a fourteen day money back guarantee as well.


The provider gives dedicated servers and varying plans to choose from, according to data usage of users. Their quality services and high performance is guaranteed to give you a satisfying experience. They offer multiple user plans with varying storage space and speed, which the user can choose form according to his needs.


User gets three locations to choose from. Their plans can be activated in an instant. Their services can be availed round the clock without any contractual agreements between the user and the provider. The provider offers high security encryption with its seedbox. Their plans allow unlimited data transfers and bitcoin payment mechanisms.


KyneticWeb offers different plans to choose from and each plan differs according to space and cost. The storage space varies from 200 GB to 2 TB. The plans can be taken at costs starting from 10 dollars.


The provider offers varying and affordable seedbox plans that can be availed on monthly contracts. Their 24*7 customer support can be availed for solving all queries. They offer plans starting from 5 dollar and going up to 35 dollar. The storage space offered by the provider starts from 100 GB 1 TB.


Based in France, the provider a powerful ruTorrent installation which is also hosted from France. Their reliable services come with a guarantee of up time and user support.

Giga RDP

One of the best features offered by this provider is that in case you are dissatisfied with the services of the Seedbox, you can get a migration to another Seedbox, at no extra costs.