Elite Keylogger for Mac Review

Elite Keylogger keystroke recorder for Mac user types on the keyboard monitor for Mac computer. Easily catch what they are emailing about, talking on chats, entering web-forms, etc..

Clipboard monitoring is really important, most of all passwords and other crucial data is not typed but only copied and pasted. Elite Keylogger captures all texts copied to a clipboard.

This keystroke recorder software offers complete visual log of what has been occurring on your Mac by taking desktop screenshots at the configurable timeout. Elite Keylogger silently delivers recorded logs into your email address liberally. And with Elite Keylogger Pro, you get extended attributes like password shooting, chat recording, and premium customer care in an edition of Elite Keylogger that is completely undetectable.

You are in right place if You are looking for a good keystroke recorder software or Keylogger for macOS High Sierra. So, let’s take look all details of this software.

Elite Keystroke Recorder for Mac


  • Collect social network passwords
  • Monitor all websites visited
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Get private email reports
  • Keep your teens safe online
  • Capture emails and screenshots
  • Record IM chats history (both sides)

Elite Keylogger for Mac is your best keylogger for record keystrokes. All words clicked on sites, emails, chats and instant messages have been recorded.

Catch usernames and passwords

Utilize password monitoring to track social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Not every password could be listed on OS X 10.11.

Track screenshots

Our fully concealed keylogger will require screenshots on a regular basis, which means it is possible to see just what’s being seen on screen.

Track sites visited

Get a comprehensive collection of sites visited.

Our invisible keylogger will maintain a listing of communicating. Elite Keylogger for Mac also covertly records IM talks (Skype, Viber, Adium, iChat/Messages), either side.

Get reports through email

When the keystroke logger + recorder is set up, you will not have to get that Mac again – all reports are sent automatically by email.

Guard your adolescents online

Elite Keylogger is the best family keylogger for maintaining your teens safe. Know exactly who they’re speaking to and what pictures they’re discussing on the internet. Even in the event that you don’t assess the concealed keylogger reports frequently, it is very good to know they’re there in a crisis. The password function ensures you are not locked out in the event that you have to get into your adolescent’s data in a rush.

Completely invisible

Elite Keylogger PRO is among the greatest keyloggers in the marketplace in regards to complete invisibility. This perfect keylogger stays completely hidden and doesn’t appear in the Programs folder or folder. It may only be started by scanning a keyword after which a password.

The most important difference between the free and PRO versions is the free keylogger variant isn’t hidden. It takes a password to be obtained, but users of this computer will see it from the dock within an active program. This a great keylogger for scenarios when you need customers to know they’re being tracked. But if you would like to have an invisible keylogger, then you’ll have to update to the PRO version.

Why are keyloggers legal?

Yes, concealed keyloggers are lawful, provided that you have the computer you’re installing it onto, or have already been granted administrative privileges into the pc by the proprietor. Elite Keylogger setup requires you to understand the Mac’s administrative password. The top keyloggers allow open or imperceptible surveillance, based upon what you need.

Download keylogger software for Mac OS X if you don’t have this best Keylogger for Mac.