Easily Manage Your Customer Relations With the Best CMR Apps

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For a few years I worked as a manager at a small engineering firm, and if there is one thing that I learned, it is the importance of customer relations. Customers are what keep the business running, and unless they are happy with the service you provide, they are surely going to look elsewhere. An important part of customer relations is following up with each customer regarding any orders or issues. But that is certainly easier said than done, especially when there are a lot of customers to keep track of. So, I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could find some apps to help with customer relations management. After spending some time on Google, I was actually surprised by how many CRM apps are out there. Luckily, I came across a site called AppGrooves that has a list of the top 10 CRM apps.

Best 10 Apps for CRM (Customer Relations Management) by AppGrooves

I tested some of the apps to see what kind of features they offered, and I reviewed my top 3 favorites.

Salesforce to manage all your business’ needs

Salesforce easily stood out as one of my favorites. I found the interface to be really intuitive, and I also liked its sleek design which is both minimalistic and informative. You can do everything from keeping track of clients and organizing your schedule to chatting with coworkers, all in one place. I particularly liked how you can host conference calls within the app to easily coordinate with co-workers wherever you are. Another plus I found is that you can view charts on how your business’ sales are performing in real-time.

In my relatively short experience testing out the features in Salesforce, I did not encounter any issues. However, I noticed that some users mentioned that the app can lag a bit if you switch between several functions quickly. While the delay may only be a few seconds, several users pointed out that if you simply restart the app, everything gets back to running smoothly again.

Airtable for managing more than just your business

My second pick, Airtable, actually took me by surprise because from the onset it does not look like your typical CRM app. In fact, it is not just a CRM app, as it helps you get organized with just about anything you want to do in your life. Not only can you manage projects, public relations, and CRM, but you can also plan vacations, keep track of to-do lists and keep track of expenses too. I am all about keeping things organized and in one place, so I found this app to super convenient if you want to manage multiple fronts easily.  

One important thing to keep in mind is that you will need an internet connection to access your information. This is because the database is stored on a cloud server. Unfortunately, I could not find a way around that requirement, so if you have problems with your internet connection, you might prefer one of my other picks.

Cloze Relationship Management for inter-connecting all your business information

My last pick is Cloze Relationship Management. This is probably one of the most impressive apps I’ve seen when it comes to inter-connecting relevant business information from practically any app you may have on your cell phone. From my limited experience with the app, I noticed how it instantly pulls together everything from contact information, to calendar events, notes, emails, phone calls, messages and more. The information is organized per client, so you can easily see what you have discussed with that person, what e-mails you have exchanged, shared files, meeting notes, and anything else related to that client in one page. I find it to be a really useful tool if you keep in contact with many customers and you need an easy way to keep information for each customer organized and easily accessible.

It did take me a bit of time to link all my apps into Cloze. At first, I found it a bit confusing, but after a few minutes, I quickly learned how to set everything up. Customer service is also easily accessible if you need help getting started or using any of the features.  

So, these are my top 3 picks for easily managing your customer relations and business needs. If you work with customers on a daily basis and you don’t currently use customer relations software, I highly recommend you try out one of these apps. They will help you stay organized, so you can focus on things that are more important, like building your customer relationship!