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YouTube has become an initial part of our lives by helping us get entertainment content and connect with the celebrities from all over the world. But have we ever thought about what it actually takes to be a star on YouTube? The answer can now be found and experienced by the android gamer first hand, all thanks to the android revolution going on that has led to the development of various android gaming apps based on video simulation. We shall make things easier for the perspective gamer by suggesting the best available gaming option.

Whenever we talk about YouTube, we must talk about one of the most YouTube channel on the platform. The PewDiePie is the second most subscribed YouTube channel and from the founders comes an official game in the form of PewDiePie tuber simulator which allows you to embark on the journey of becoming a YouTube star. The game is designed with the latest quality graphics which makes the gameplay real life like and is provided to the gamer for absolutely free of charge.

Android gaming has been defined by and dominated by the Google Play store and the basic version of the games which it provides which do not provide the gamer with anything but only the basic. This does not go well with the modern generation who are in a hunt for something extra. That is when the internet came up with the modified version of the games called mod apks which provide the gamer with the same basic gameplay loaded with a lot of advantages like unlimited money or infinite lives or the chance to get the entire game unlocked at the beginning thereby enabling you to play the game as per your convenience. This makes the mod apk a better choice.

The game gives your dream of being a YouTube sensation by allowing you to be a part of the journey of an aspiring YouTube star. You get to record videos and edit them and ultimately post them on the platform to attract and increase the number of your followers. The game is created using the best available graphics that will provide the gamer with the best gaming experience with matches reality. The game is Shared with the user for absolutely free of charge.

Features of This Game:

  • The game is designed to provide the gamer with an all round gaming experience. Which means that the gamers have created the game to provide the gamer with a feel of a community. The game has its own system where the players can follow the fellow players and vote their favourite videos in the weekly voting. So instead of only playing for yourself, the game provides a platform to connect and interact with other players too.
  • The game has everything to keep you engaged. The game houses a mini game called puggle which shall help you during your boredom. The game also houses the best background music from RUSHJET1 and the voice in the game is actually from PewDiePie. So for all the die Hard fans out there, the game guarantees an all round authentic gaming experience.

What’s more in the PewDiePie tuber simulator mod apk?

One of the most popular YouTube channels abroad presents you with a popular gaming app that lets you experience the fun and excitement. This can be made more exciting with an advantage that is exactly what is offered by the mod apk in the form of never ending supply of money. This shall mean that you can buy anything and everything from the store without worrying about the pricing. You will be able to buy the latest and the best of the equipment from the initial stages of the game and ultimately outlast all the difficulty levels and challenges offered by the game.

How to download and install the PewDiePie tuber simulator mod apk?

  • Start downloading by clicking on below link.

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  • Click on OK.

  • The installation page of the game shall open up when the downloading process is completed.

  • Click on Install button.


The game directly places you into the shoes of youtuber where you have to do anything from recording videos to posting them online to editing them in an attempt to win more fans and climb up the ladder to become one of the most popular YouTube sensation. The game is designed using the latest quality graphics that makes the gameplay real life like and enriching. The game is provided to the gamer for absolutely free of charge.