Difference Between DOCX and PPT File Extensions

DOCX and PPT are file extensions for Word and PowerPoint popular Microsoft applications. The Microsoft word processor – Word – was first introduced in the 80’s. The latest version with DOCX extension was released in 2010. This application has seen many upgrades over the years and is fully compatible with Microsoft Word 2007. The application is mainly used for preparing documents such as essays, letters and stories. It is similar to Notepad where you can add text and type in the information. However, the MS Word is more advanced. You can add pictures and word art in it. There are a number of features available in MS Word such as spell check, tables, bullets and page borders.
The older version of Microsoft PowerPoint comes with the file extension PPT. It is quite different from Word. MS PowerPoint is a program developed for graphics presentation. The program is normally used to make slide show presentation. The program can be used to make demonstrations with overhead projectors, handouts, film recorders and notes. The demonstration can consist of a number of slides which contain text, graphics, movies and other similar objects. One interesting fact is that PowerPoint was introduced for Apple Macintosh in the beginning and used to run in black and white.
The applications of PowerPoint and Word have some similar features and can replace each other in some cases. But the important thing to remember is that these programs are made for different purposes. As mentioned above, PowerPoint is developed mainly for showing presentations and Word was developed to prepare documents, books, resumes and similar objects. MS PowerPoint (with file extension PPT) was used by trainers and business people until a newer version of the application with PPTX extension was made available with the MS Office 2007 suite.